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Friday, July 17, 2015

You know I love the Zoey Summer Ensemble!! Today, I'm bringing you one more option for the Zoey Top!

I sewed this top in knit, but the process is exactly the same for woven fabrics. This is view B without the side elastic casings. To get started, cut all of the pattern pieces for view B except the casings and tabs. (Certainly add the casings if you wish!) You will also need (4) 14" pieces of 1/4" ribbon. I've actually used 1/2" bias tape sewn closed.

After sewing the shoulder seams, baste the ribbons right side down on either side of the seam very close to the seam on the wrong side of the fabric at the neck opening. Attach the facing pieces as you normally would catching the ends of the ribbons.

 When adding the bias binding around the arm opening be careful not to catch your ribbons in the binding.

After the arms are bound, pin the ribbons parallel to the shoulder seam.

Fold the facing down wrong sides together, so the shoulder seams are aligned and the ribbons are sandwiched between.

From the right side of the top, stitch in the ditch of the shoulder seam. Then, sew two casing rows on either side of the shoulder seam about 3/8" from the seam. Go slowly, so you don't catch the ribbons in the seams. If it catches, just grab your seam ripper and try again a little further away from the seam. (Not that that happened to me. :) )
Cinch up those shoulders, tie and bow, and enjoy your new detail!!
Be sure to check out our Zoey Summer Ensemble Sew-Along if you would like more step by step photos for sewing the Zoey. 

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