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Monday, August 24, 2015

We can't get enough of the new Cassidy pattern, and we hope you can't either! First, Patty launched the pattern with the special flash sale, then we got your creative wheels turning with some ready-to-wear inspiration. Now, Patty is bringing you a Modkid Modified tutorial to address those inquiries about using regular buttons instead of buckles. Not only does this modification give you a new look, but it also allows you to get sewing if you don't have dungaree buckles on hand!

In lieu of the buckles and dungaree buttons called for in the pattern, you will use 5/8"-wide regular buttons. You will need 8 of them-- 2 for each strap, to make them adjustable, and 2 for each side of the bodice.

The only pattern adjustment needed is to shorten the straps by 1" (so, cut the fabric 1" shorter than the pattern piece indicates).

Create a vertical 5/8" buttonhole at the top of the front bodice as indicated in the photo. I started mine 1/4" below the topstitching and centered left-to-right. Repeat for the other side.

Try the dress on the child and sew the top button on the strap where the dress fits well right now and another button 1" lower, for growth.

Sew regular 5/8" buttons on the side of the bodice, where indicated in the pattern piece.

And, that's it!! Another fun way to wear your Modkid Cassidy!

P.S. If buttonholes are not your forté, don't worry You can also use snaps in lieu of buttons. Use the instructions above for shortening of the straps and placement of your snaps.

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