Dakota Sew-Along // Day 3

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Today's sewing will be super quick, so let's get started. All seam allowances are 1/2" unless noted otherwise.

I like to notch the front and back skirt at the top center point. Now, sew a long gathering stitch at 1/4" from the edge between the marks at the front and back skirt. Pull the bobin threads to gather up the skirt pieces to the same width as the yoke.

Place the front skirt right sides together with the front yoke aligning raw edges. Use the notches to align the centerpoints and adjust the gathers as needed. Sew the skirt to the yoke and finish the seam allowance. Repeat for the back skirt and yoke.

Press the skirt down and the seam allowance toward the yoke. Topstitch along the yoke edge. If you are adding trim at the yoke check the pattern instructions prior to topstiching. 

See the rest of the Dakota Sew-Along here:

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