Modkid Modified - Ruffled Susie Halter and Shorts

Thursday, April 07, 2016

We know there are more than a few of you that are huge fans of ruffles. The recently released Modkid Susie halter top and shorts pattern does not feature ruffle embellishments, so I thought I could show you how to incorporate a ruffle or two. 

Construct the halter top through step 5 of the pattern instructions. For my ruffle I used two 5" strips cut the width of the fabric. I did not shorten the length of the original halter pattern when adding the ruffle, but in hindsight, I wish I had removed an inch or two. You might keep that in mind for your application. Sew the two strips right sides together along the short ends, finish the seams, and press to one side. Gather one edge of this fabric tube using your favorite method. Check out our Gathering Tips and Tricks post for more details. Go ahead and press your hem 1/4" to the wrong side then another 1/2" to the wrong side.

Pin and stitch the ruffle to the right side of the halter top aligning raw edges and side seams. Adjust your gathers as needed before stitching in place. Finish the seam.

Press the ruffle down and the seam allowance toward the halter top. Topstitch along the top side of the seam. Hem the bottom of the ruffle by stitching along the inner folded edge.

I wanted to compliment the large halter ruffle with smaller ruffles on the shorts. I omitted the shorts pocket, but you could certainly keep it. Another idea would be to add a ruffle along the center front seams. First, sew up the shorts until you get to the bottom hem. You will need two 2" strips the full width of the fabric. Sew each strip right sides together along the short ends creating two tubes of fabric, one for each shorts leg. Hem the tubes along one side with a narrow hem. I used a narrow hem foot on my sewing machine. You could do a rolled hem or fold the strip to the wrong side 1/4" then another 1/4". Gather the opposite edge of the tubes with your preferred method.

Pin the ruffles to the shorts legs right sides together. Adjust the gathers as needed and stitch in place. Finish the seam.

Press the ruffle down and the seam allowance toward the shorts. Topstitch along the shorts leg. Repeat for the other shorts leg.

Enjoy this super sweet version of the Modkid Susie Pattern! Be sure to show us yours in the Modkid Facebook Group!!

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