12 Garments in 12 Days

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Patty has organized a fun little challenge that started yesterday, but there is still time to join! Her family is going to Punta Cana at the end of this month, so she challenged herself to sew 12 garments in 12 days. She would love for you to join in. She posted this challenge on Instagram and Facebook. Two winners will be selected (one on IG and one on FB). Here's what you need to do to participate:

1. Sew 12 garments before July 6th which is when she returns from her trip and will choose the winner. They can be super easy garments like yoga skirts, swim cover ups or PJ shorts!

2. Post photos of your completed garments daily or every other day, whatever your speed might be, and tag the photos with ‪#‎12garments‬‪ #‎pattyyoung‬

3. Share this challenge with friends and family so they too can participate! Follow @pattyyoung on Instagram for extra entries.

On July 6th, she will scour the internet for your 12 garments and choose 2 winners... one on IG and one on FB. Each winner will receive a box full of Acorn Valley Fabric... her newest line for Riley Blake! Happy Sewing!!!
To sweeten the deal, there is a coupon code on our Etsy store (a lot of the patterns there are simple enough to sew in a couple hours). Coupon code 12GARMENTS gets you 25% off your entire purchase.

Here are a few FAQ's. Let us know in the Fan Group if you have any other questions.
  1. Does everything sewn need to be a garment? No!!
  2. Do they all have to be MODKID patterns? NO. It can be anything. We just want to get people excited about sewing! But we would absolutely LOVE to see at least one or two MODKID patterns thrown in the mix or anything sewn with Patty Young fabric.
  3. Can we post them once we are done, or one at a time? We would prefer that you post them one at a time, so we see all of the garments that were made on that day. The more times we see those hashtags, the better!!!
  4. Does it matter when we start? Start whenever, as long as you sew and post 12 different projects!
  5. Do the post need to occur on 12 consecutive days? No. Skip days and work at your own schedule, but post and tag 12 different posts.
  6. Can we post on Instagram and Facebook? Yes!

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