Modkid Modified: Adding Ties to the Dakota

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Tassels and ties have been making an appearance on apparel for a while now, so it is high time we bring this trend to a Modkid style we love. The Modkid Dakota is the perfect backdrop for a tassel ornamentation. Don't limit yourself to the Dakota; however, the Olivia and Liesl patterns would work well also. If you don't want to opt for a tassel, the ties are still a nice detail with a knotted end.

I turned to Martha Stewart's tutorial on how to tie a tassel. I used some old thread to create this tassel, but yarn, cording, or trim would work as well. For the last step, I threaded a 12" section of pre-made spaghetti strap through the tassel loop. If I had some forethought, I would have used the strap to tie around the middle in the second step. So, this is more do as I say, not as I did.

After forming the tassel, double fold the end of the spaghetti strap above the tassel top and secure with a few stitches back and forth.

Baste your ties right sides together with the outer front yoke.

The top edge of the tie should be exactly 1/2" from the neckline in order to end up at the top of the finished neckline. Be sure you measure the 1/2" down from the neckline at 1/2" away from the slanted edge.

The tassels will be sandwiched between the yoke and the lining pieces as you sew around the neckline and down the slant. Continue to sew the top per the pattern instructions. Be cautious not to catch the ties or tassels in any of your seams!

Are you on board with the tassel trend? Be sure to share your Modkid tassel creations in our Facebook Group. By the way, this top features one of Patty's newest prints from the Primavera collection for Riley Blake.

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