Modkid Modified // Colorblocked Perfect Tee

Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Now that we have the blank canvas that is the Modkid Perfect Tee in girl's and teen sizing, it is time to play!! Today, I'm expanding on our original color blocking tutorial to include the sleeves. 

It is best to start with your fully assembled pattern.

You can select any location to add color blocking, but a simple choice would be where each piece meets at the underarm seam. Here, I drew a horizontal orange line across the front bodice, back bodice and sleeve. After marking the seam location, cut the pattern apart along the line.

Add seam allowances on each side of the cut. You may use any seam allowance you prefer as long as you keep track of it.

Assemble the pattern pieces with the seam allowance you selected. Now, you are set to proceed with the original pattern instructions! Don't stop with only this scenario; the possibilities are endless!!

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