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Monday, July 16, 2018

My thoughts of the cute knit leisure shorts I see at Target and using typically fall/winter patterns for summer collided into the creation of these Tessa shorts. The Modkid Tessa pattern features a jogger style pant and sweatshirt pattern.  

It hardly took much to transition the jogger pattern to summer shorts. In lightweight French terry fabric, these are perfect for lounging or playing.

Creating shorts from the Tessa joggers is as simple as shortening the pattern pieces. From the crotch down, I cut the pattern front and back off at 4.5". This allows plenty of room for a 1" cuff. Determine the finished length of the shorts you would like and add 2" for the double folded cuff.

The only other modification I made was to color block the waistband. We have some Tips & Tricks for Color Blocking for you to achieve the same look. Take advantage of both sides of the fabric when working with French terry for a unique look.

Once the shorts are sewn up according to the jogger pattern minus the leg pleats and cuffs, double fold the fabric to the right side to create the shorts cuff. Stitch in the ditch at both leg seams to secure. In my case the French terry draped too much to hold the cuff in place, so you may find that additionally slip stitching the cuff by hand is necessary.

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