Family Fest and Frida Fun

I recently spotted a super cute top at a women's clothing store that was a tad reminiscent of my Frida sewing pattern. That got my wheels spinning, of course. So on Saturday night I happened to mention on Twitter that I might tackle grading my Frida pattern up for women's sizes. This is how the conversation played out (notice how it took a PG13 turn once the guys got involved! LOL!)

@pattyyoung: So, if I make Frida in big sizes what should I call it? "Frida Grande"?... LMAO!

@bluenickel5: don't think grande will work....vente?
@Fabritopia: Joey says you should call it "Frida Lard"!! I'm embarrassed.
@pattyyoung: ahahaahaahah... I'm about to pee over here!

@jjyoung11: "Frida Gigante"?
@bluenickel5: nope that won't sell either....that only sells condoms....oops...did I just say that??
@jjyoung11: It could work. "Bias trimmed for her pleasure."
@bluenickel5: ... the bias comment .....hilarious!
@Fabritopia: "Mucho Frida"?
@myfunkycamera: Fridototota
@pattyyoung: LOVE IT! I almost just wrote "Fridota" but you 1-upped me! ;)
@pattyyoung: Time for another contest? Sure they'll come up w/ something better than Frida Grande, Frida Gigante, Frida Lard, Fridatotota or Mucho Frida.

@Fabritopia: I got it! "Frida Gordita"!!!!
@pattyyoung YESSSSSSSSS! You nailed it!!!!! That's it, no need for a contest anymore!

@jjyoung11 Well played.
@thequiltshoppe: How about "Momma Frida" or "Mama Mia Frida"
@pattyyoung: hahaha... LOVE THEM!

@yummygoods: Lady Frida
@pattyyoung: awww... that's actually not bad, Melissa. (most of the others have been just comical!) :)

@bluenickel5: Now that is elegant....bravo..MA!

I think I went to bed soon after this so the game sort of trailed off, but it made for quite an entertaining Saturday night on the 'puter. ;)

On Sunday we decided to checkout a local Family Fest. I heard on the radio that Ralph's World was going to perform so I thought that would be fun for the girls. After the previous night's Frida conversation, I couldn't help myself and dressed Sydney in a Frida, just for fun. As we were paying for our admission tickets, the lady at the counter spotted Sydney and the conversation went something like this:

Lady at counter: "That is an adorable dress you're wearing!"
Sydney: "Thanks. My mom made it"
Lady at counter: "WOW! Your mom made that? That is truly special!"
Sydney: "I know!"

Jon and I just looked at each other and had a little private chuckle (Sydney is the epitome of a walking advertisement). Here she is with Ralph:


Ralph's World on stage:


In between sets, the girls had their faces painted:



Bound their own books:


Got themselves some funky balloon creations:


And even met this silly guy:


Then towards the end of the show, they got to go up on stage and be part of the band...


All in all it was a fun weekend for all!

Don't forget the contest is still going! Thank you all for the super sweet comments you've been leaving! I have laughed at your jokes, gotten a tad red-faced reading your compliments and even gotten a bit teary-eyed a couple of times. Once we hit 300 comments I announced on Twitter that I added A 3RD PRIZE! A 3rd lucky winner will walk away with 2 of my MODKID patterns... WOOOHOO! I'll draw the winners end of day on Tuesday and announce them soon after... good luck, everyone!
More show & tell... and a great GIVEAWAY!

Thank you all for your wonderful comments about my new corduroy. I am giddy beyond words! It's been a great few days... certainly can't complain! I finished and sent off artwork for my next line of fabrics last week. I completed both of my new patterns, the Sophie 3-way Pants and the Sydney Euro Hoodie, and sent them off to my testers. I managed a great photoshoot on Saturday morning and then spent the remainder of the weekend lounging on the couch. I must've needed the rest because I think I slept like 20 hours this weekend! (that's unheard of around here, by the way)

I spent the first part of my week visiting local quilt shops to show Mezzanine and the new corduroy, then received the great news that Mezzanine is SOLD OUT and going into the 2nd printing! WOOHOO! Thanks to all who pre-ordered! I'm floored by the support. :)

So, since I'm feeling great right about now I think it is time for a fun giveaway! But first I'm gonna make you sit through a sampling of this weekend's photoshoot... mwahahaha!

First is Sydney modeling a new ensemble that showcases ModBlooms Earth in 21-wale corduroy paired up with Tiny Dots in quilting-weight cotton. This ensemble is made up of the Sydney Hoodie (View B with short solid skirt) and the Sophie 3-Way Pants (View B).



Then here she is in the Sydney Hoodie Dress (View B with full stripwork skirt) done up in Mezzanine fabrics. I truly adore these photos of her! I MUST get these blown up & framed for my studio:



OK, thanks for being so patient through my little show & tell. Now on to the GIVEAWAY! I will pick 2 winners from the comments left on this post.

  1. Winner #1 will receive a 6-piece fat quarter set of my new Mezzanine line for Michael Miller Fabrics.
  2. Winner #2 will receive a 6-piece fat quarter set of my Andalucia line for Michael Miller Fabrics, and to sweeten the deal I will throw in some ModBlooms Corduroy! :)
Disclaimer: these photos are for illustration purposes only. Prize packages will be assembled after winners are chosen!

So, I thought long and hard about what kind of contest I could have for this giveaway. Something sewing-related? Been there, done that! A fun rhyme? Jona already stole that idea! A joke? A recipe? Definitely been done! ;) So, since I couldn't come up with anything clever and I was just DYING to get this up today, I thought I'd just make it super easy on you and let you just leave any ol' comment. Say anything! Feel free to say something funny or clever just for the heck of it. I could use the laugh! Oh, and if you feel so inclined you can tell me how much you love my fabric or patterns... haha... it won't get you any extra points since I'll be choosing a winner with the help of the trusty ol' randomizer, but it'll sure make me smile! ;)

So go on... comment away! I'll choose the winners one week from today (Tuesday, June 30th, 2009).

P.S. Don't forget to leave some sort of contact info in case you win... or just make your name a clickable link so I can find ya!

**THE CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED at 448 comments!
Thank you all for your wonderful comments.
I will announce the winners tomorrow.**

Nooooo, not baby whale (although isn't this baby Beluga whale from the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago adorable?)


I'm actually excited about a bolt of luscious, scrumptious, incredibly soft ModBlooms Earth in 21-wale corduroy that arrived at my doorstep last week:


Let's take closer look...


Gorgeous, isn't it? Wish you could feel the velvety softness. I immediately had to cut into it and make a version of the Sophie 3-Way Pants in it. These pictures will appear in the pattern instruction booklets, since I took very detailed pics of every step of construction as I was making these.


I love pairing up corduroy with other fabrics, like quilting cottons for example. The contrast in textures is so interesting! Check out how cool it looks with the Kiwi Tiny Dots!


Oh, and for all of you who have been emailing me about the Sophie 3-Way Pants pattern, I'm happy to report that it is off to the testers as I write this, which means it is near completion. As soon as I get those notes from my dear testers, I will put it into editing mode and send to print.


OK, so since this post has such a random feel to it already, I'll tell you about our weekend. I thought it was such a coincidence that when I Googled "baby whale" for the image on top of this post, the first photo I found was of that adorable baby beluga from the Shedd Aquarium because we just spent an entire day there on Saturday! Yup! We met up with my cousin Olga and her hubby Jorge, who were here all the way from Puerto Rico to attend the Neocon conference in Chicago. It was a lovely day (a little cool for June, but we were indoors most of the day so it didn't matter.)

We saw a 4-D movie called "Planet Earth"...


Hung out and gossiped about family (of course!)


Played in "underwater caves"...


Posed for photos outside the Beluga exhibit...


I was mesmerized by the beautiful jellyfish...


and all those creepy spiky things that live at the bottom of the ocean...


But what really got my attention were these amazing octopus-wrapped Art Deco lamps we spotted in the lobby. Jeez, how can I get one of these for my studio?!?


Have I ever mentioned my obsession with octopi? One of these days I'll have to scan in some of the dozens & dozens of octopus drawings I've done that I hope will someday find a home in some kind of printed medium, whether it is textiles or paper...

Alrighty... stay tuned for a wickedly cool giveaway I'm putting together! Coming up soon!!! :)
A World Of Thanks...

I've been meaning to write this post for days now but between last days of school, work, work and more work, time just seems to be running away from me constantly. But rest assured I've been thinking about all you amazing women who went above and beyond to help me with my Mezzanine and MODKID debut at Quilt Market.

First and foremost, I'd like to a send HUGE virtual hug & kiss to my mom, who not only came all the way from Florida to take care of the kids, house and everything in between for 13 days, but also came loaded up with gorgeous goodies made with Mezzanine. All of the items below can be found on her Esty store, by the way, in case you wanted one for yourself.

This first one happens to be the purse I carry as my everyday purse. It holds EVERYTHING and I'm not kidding! If you know me well, you know how much junk I like to carry all the time with me and this purse does the trick (by the way, this is the 3rd purse I've owned in this style... I just love it!)

How 'bout this gorgeous and petite cocktail purse?

And on the other end of the spectrum, an extra-large tote, perfect for going to the beach, day camps, shopping, you name it!

Another special person I'd like to send a virtual hug & kiss to is Amy Priddy of priddycreations. Amy made this amazing camera bag for me in record time. And when I say record time I mean: she got the fabric on the Saturday before I left for Market, made the bag on Sunday (which just happened to be Mother's Day... yah!) and had it in the mail Monday morning... on the way to Pittsburgh, because it wouldn't have gotten here on time. My dear friend, Ronda Opipery, was nice enough to receive the package for me and deliver it to my hotel in Pittsburgh. The gorgeous camera bag was there waiting for me at the front desk when I checked in on Wednesday. How sweet is that! Thanks a million Amy & Ronda!

If you desire a bag just like this one, check this out, Amy is offering it in her Etsy store!

Next, I'd like to thank my dear friend Heather Kaeb, of thepolkadottotspot, for making me a whole new slew of adorable fabric jingle balls. These were a huge hit at Market again, and she is offering them in her Etsy store along with a few other sweet goodies made with Mezzanine.

And last, but certainly not least, a HUGE HUGE thank you hug to my dear friends Kristen Hallagan (gocksfrocks) and Myrinda Dixon (fabrichound) for staying late after the show ended and practically dismantling my entire booth by themselves. What was I doing? Taking pictures, of course! ;) And Jon? Stuck in traffic with the trailer! Seriously, these ladies didn't waste a second and as soon as the show was over they grabbed screwdriver & hammer and got to work...

Thank you all SO MUCH for going above & beyond in so many ways! LOVE YA!!!
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