Family Fest and Frida Fun

I recently spotted a super cute top at a women's clothing store that was a tad reminiscent of my Frida sewing pattern. That got my wheels spinning, of course. So on Saturday night I happened to mention on Twitter that I might tackle grading my Frida pattern up for women's sizes. This is how the conversation played out (notice how it took a PG13 turn once the guys got involved! LOL!)

@pattyyoung: So, if I make Frida in big sizes what should I call it? "Frida Grande"?... LMAO!

@bluenickel5: don't think grande will work....vente?
@Fabritopia: Joey says you should call it "Frida Lard"!! I'm embarrassed.
@pattyyoung: ahahaahaahah... I'm about to pee over here!

@jjyoung11: "Frida Gigante"?
@bluenickel5: nope that won't sell either....that only sells condoms....oops...did I just say that??
@jjyoung11: It could work. "Bias trimmed for her pleasure."
@bluenickel5: ... the bias comment .....hilarious!
@Fabritopia: "Mucho Frida"?
@myfunkycamera: Fridototota
@pattyyoung: LOVE IT! I almost just wrote "Fridota" but you 1-upped me! ;)
@pattyyoung: Time for another contest? Sure they'll come up w/ something better than Frida Grande, Frida Gigante, Frida Lard, Fridatotota or Mucho Frida.

@Fabritopia: I got it! "Frida Gordita"!!!!
@pattyyoung YESSSSSSSSS! You nailed it!!!!! That's it, no need for a contest anymore!

@jjyoung11 Well played.
@thequiltshoppe: How about "Momma Frida" or "Mama Mia Frida"
@pattyyoung: hahaha... LOVE THEM!

@yummygoods: Lady Frida
@pattyyoung: awww... that's actually not bad, Melissa. (most of the others have been just comical!) :)

@bluenickel5: Now that is elegant....bravo..MA!

I think I went to bed soon after this so the game sort of trailed off, but it made for quite an entertaining Saturday night on the 'puter. ;)

On Sunday we decided to checkout a local Family Fest. I heard on the radio that Ralph's World was going to perform so I thought that would be fun for the girls. After the previous night's Frida conversation, I couldn't help myself and dressed Sydney in a Frida, just for fun. As we were paying for our admission tickets, the lady at the counter spotted Sydney and the conversation went something like this:

Lady at counter: "That is an adorable dress you're wearing!"
Sydney: "Thanks. My mom made it"
Lady at counter: "WOW! Your mom made that? That is truly special!"
Sydney: "I know!"

Jon and I just looked at each other and had a little private chuckle (Sydney is the epitome of a walking advertisement). Here she is with Ralph:


Ralph's World on stage:


In between sets, the girls had their faces painted:



Bound their own books:


Got themselves some funky balloon creations:


And even met this silly guy:


Then towards the end of the show, they got to go up on stage and be part of the band...


All in all it was a fun weekend for all!

Don't forget the contest is still going! Thank you all for the super sweet comments you've been leaving! I have laughed at your jokes, gotten a tad red-faced reading your compliments and even gotten a bit teary-eyed a couple of times. Once we hit 300 comments I announced on Twitter that I added A 3RD PRIZE! A 3rd lucky winner will walk away with 2 of my MODKID patterns... WOOOHOO! I'll draw the winners end of day on Tuesday and announce them soon after... good luck, everyone!


  1. great giveaway! I didn't see all of the "suggestions" for the adult-sized Frida on Twitter (I, too, went to bed soon after the bulk of the fun had happened), but the ones I missed were just as funny as the ones I saw! Melissa Averino's suggestion was my favorite.

  2. Oh my gosh! I'm dying here! For some reason Scott got dropped from my twitter account so I totally missed the guys "suggestions"! Goodness, all they tweet about is food and now....well you know!

  3. Looks like a fun day today! And last night on Twitter, it was kind of like the Faux2.0 which made me feel like I was back in the 'burgh.. But more fun, cause now I know you all better! :)

    And I do think Melissa's is Mucho Primo!

  4. LOL! Aren't these funny?!?! I couldn't resist and wanted to share with the rest of the world.

    But in all seriousness, if I ever do get the adult-sized Frida made, I think it will have to be called either "Lady Frida" or "Mama Frida" unless someone else comes up with a better name. ;)

    Thanks for playing along, guys!

    Oh, and Jona... yes, that's a typical guy for ya and LOL at Scott getting dropped from your twitter account.


  5. That was too funny - gotta love Twitter!!! Love the pics, looks like you all had a great day!!

  6. Oops forgot to say that I too like "Lady Frida" - but I also think "Madame Frida" has a nice ring to it as well.
    Cheers Heather

  7. It looks like everyone had a wonderful day and a lot of fun. Love the way the girls had their faces painted.


  8. Lady Frida is my fave. Can't get over how beautiful your girls are!

  9. The twitter exchange was hilarious! I need to get on over to twitter!
    It's so funny to hear that your girls are a walking older daughter actually asked for some business cards to take to her teachers and other staff at school she wears my designs and carries handmade bags and they are always asking about them. Too funny! Do we have to put them on the payroll, or can we write them off as some sort of advertising or marketing expense?

  10. Thank you all for the comments! Sounds like "Lady Frida" is getting some serious love! hmmm...

    Simone... too funny! I bet your daughter is the best dressed & accessorized at her school! :) I wouldn't be surprised if my Sydney starts asking to be on the payroll soon! ;)


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  12. I was thinking about "Frida Maggiore"

    maggiËĦore (adjective)
    *bigger, larger, older

    For example, we say "sorella maggiore" which means "elder sister". Frida maggiore could be the elder sister of Frida :)

    Natalija (Italy)

  13. Too funny! I love the Frida Gordita idea! :)

  14. you know I had to admit but y love Mama Frida or Lady Frida because It can work later when you decide to make more adult clothing insppired on your kid's patterns Lady Kyoko for example.
    Cheers, Erika

  15. Great pictures! The family fest looks like it was a ton of fun! My Chloe loves Ralph's World :)

  16. Hey Patty,
    Que te pareceria "Frida for Moms"? Me encanta!
    What would you think of "Frida for Moms"? I like it!

  17. WOW!!Beautiful photos!



  18. I had many adults ask for an adult version of the Kyoko dress I made for my daughter...They LOVED it.

  19. After making Frida so many times for my daughter, I was going to attempt and I stress *attempt* to enlarge the pattern for myself BUT I am SO NOT good at doing that! LOL I say YES YES, absolutely Lady Frida !!!! I seriously can't wait for you to do this! I'm SO excited! Patty, I absolutely love reading your blog and looking at all your great pics!

  20. Hilarious!! I love Jona and miss her humor!!!

  21. Thank you all for the comments. WOW, lots of new ideas for names! LOVE IT! And yes, to those of you who have mentioned a Lady Kyoko... that might be a possibility... and is Lady Sydney. ;) Just gotta find the time...


  22. I would LOVE a Frida Gordita pattern for me! Please, please do it so I can buy one! :)

  23. Looks like a fun weekend! I checked the Ralph schedule and I think I'll take the kids out to palatine when he's there. Ravinia sounds nice too.
    I can't wait to get my hands on some of your corduroy. There is a cute little jacket in the new fall Ottobre that would look so cute in the brown.
    I missed the twitter too, but it was amusing. Like the bias tape comment.


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