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I can't recall the last time I was THIS busy. Well, actually I can. It was around Sophia's b-day last year and I had so much on my plate that I almost had a breakdown. So I guess this isn't so bad since I don't have a b-day party to plan as well. But I do have a vacation to get ready for. But I can handle it!

In addition to the customs I already had to sew, I sold 2 new pieces yesterday, unexpectedly... those are the best kind! First, a nice lady I met recently at a kids expo came over to check out my sewing studio and she ended up ordering Petit Jardin for her 13-month old super cute baby girl. I can't wait to make this one... it will be by far the smallest outfit I have ever made... HOW FUN! Then, just a few minutes after she left, I get an email from a random ebayer asking me if I could set up a private Buy It Now auction for La Dolce Vita. She apparently was "watching" it and forgot to bid at the end and now "had to have it" hee hee. SOLD!

In addition to the customs and new orders, I also received a HUGE (and let me repeat: HUGE) box of samples from Baby Gassy Gooma for Sydney to model. 17 pieces altogether including a pair of super cute euro boots. WHOA! It was like X-Mas time here when we were taking everything out of the box. It's gonna take me forever to photograph it all, but I am so excited. Their Winter 2007 collection is TDF and I'm just so thrilled to get a sneak peek at it. Wish I could share here, but I can't... I'm under contract! ;)

Oh, and I almost forgot: I also have to design 2 logos and get at least one full outfit sewn, photographed and listed before I leave for Florida on March 6th. I am the leader of the Designers' Notion "Spring Fashion Event" launch that starts March 1st... so I HAVE to list something, right? What kind of example would I be setting if I didn't? LOL! It's a wonder I even have time to come here and write this, but I promised myself I would do at least one entry a day, so here it is! Gotta go work now!!! Until tomorrow...

PS... sorry no photos on this post. I know, I'm a visual person and love seeing pretty pictures too, but I haven't had time to download any photos from my camera today... promise tomorrow I'll show something pretty! Keep checking!!

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  1. Anonymous9:13 AM

    Congratulations, Patty! It's just wonderful that you're doing so well (of course!) and your designs are TDF!

    Sarah :)


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