TAG... I'm it!

My good friend and fellow colleague in the custom boutique community, Sandi (portabellopixie), has tagged me! It's my first time being tagged (well, since 5th grade!) so I'm rather excited. She says, "The rule is it has to be something you have created, and it must be your favorite." Well, that wasn't hard for me. My favorite design is usually my newest design (or whatever I am currently working on). I am currently working on 3 different new sets and none of them are anywhere near showing condition, so I will share with you my current MOST FAVORITE completed set.

I made this about a month ago, but am just now getting around to listing it on eBay. It is titled "Playtime" and it is my favorite design for one simple reason: it is the kind of clothes kids actually want to wear. Most boutique sets out there are really made for mommy to enjoy, not really for the kid. This one has everything a kid likes:
1. It's super comfy (Sydney did not want to take it off after this photo session)
2. It's got every color in the rainbow (as Sophia so cleverly pointed out)
3. It has a fun reversible smock for all of her art projects with lots of pockets to carry all her treasures.
4. AND, the most fun part: it comes with a matching dolly, and you even get to pick out her hair color... how fun is that!?

So, until my next creation is ready to show, this is My Favorite. Thanks, Sandi, for tagging me. This was so much fun. OK, so it's my turn... I will tag Megan, Gyl and Dayna. TAG... you're it!

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  1. OH soooo cute! I am always loving my current design too. :) It's hard not to, you get so involved.. thank's for playing!



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