Gettin' Crafty.

The urge to create has been hitting me big time lately. As if creating new children's boutique clothing wasn't time-consuming enough, I often find myself incredibly distracted trying to come up with side projects... which end up getting connected back to the children's clothing one way or another. A perfect example are these dollies:

I made a couple for my girls and they loved them. So then I decided that a sweet repeat customer of mine needed one for her little sweetie to match her newest boutique outfit. Then, it ballooned into EVERY customer of mine MUST have one. Jon thinks I'm crazy, and maybe I am, but it puts a smile on my face when I get the amazed comments from satisfied customers. So, if you've purchased from me in the past 3 - 4 weeks... you're gettin' one! LOL! Don't they look so cute on top of their matching outfit? Here's one I sent out last week...

I've also being going yoyo crazy, thanks to a nifty little tutorial on Heather's blog. They are just so much fun to make and I can make them while hanging out with the kids or watching TV or talking on the phone. I made these 4 yesterday while talking to my mom on the phone during lunch... They are made with my new favorite Amy Butler LOTUS fabric and adorned with some gorgeous vintage pearlized buttons from my huge stash of vintage stuff...

Then I decided to mount them on pinbacks so they could easily be attached to any part of your clothing and detached when ready to wash. I used a small piece of coordinating grosgrain ribbon and secured it to the back with some good ol' hand stitching...

Next (probably tonight) I will be making some larger ones with other vintage butt ons and attaching them to alligator clips to be worn on the hair... these will be offered on eBay as OOAKs since I only have two of these fabulous vintage buttons.

Look for these hairflowers probably on Thursday, when I list the coordinating set for the Designer's Notion "Spring Fashion Event" launch.


  1. hehehe - I loved your comment about being distracted with other side projects! we are so alike in that regard! your dollies look so cute!!!! great job! and the yoyos - very fun! I have been wanting make some and you may have given me the push! way to go - distract me with another "side project."

  2. LOL, Megan! Anytime, hun! It's a wonder I get anything done, since I get distracted so much!!! Share some pics if you get some yoyos made... I'd love to see them!



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