I won, I won! OMG!

Daria, from Boutique Cafe, emailed me last night to tell me the good news that I was selected as the winner for the Svan Scooter. I almost fell out of my chair reading that! I never win anything. And this was one of those things that, when I first saw it, I though, "That is soooo cool, but so unnattainable!" And now it's mine!!! WOOHOO! I still can't believe it. This morning, I got the email from the company asking for my mailing address... so it's true, I didn't dream it! LOL!

How did I win it? Well, I logged on to Boutique Cafe as I normally do, and they were having one of those "Clicking Spree" contests. This day, if you left a comment on the thread that presented the Svan Scooter, you would be entered in a contest to win one. So I did, and I said something about how much I love Scandinavian design and how my home is filled with Scan Design and IKEA furnishings (if you've read the rest of my blog, you will have known that already). And VOILA! I won!

These are just some stock photos, but when I get that baby here, I will be taking my own pictures of Sydney on her brand new free Svan Scooter... I already promised Daria some cool photos! :) Thank you, Boutique Cafe! You guys are the coolest!!!


  1. Hoooowwww Coooooolllll!

    good for you! It's so cool :D

  2. Thanks, I am so excited about this! :)


  3. Patty!!
    It's so fun to read your excitement over winning. I'm thrilled that you won.

    Thanks so much for participating on Boutique Cafe.



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