My Ten Most Favorite Things in the Whole World
(well, besides my children and my husband and peace and love and freedom... yada yada yada)

1. Lindemans Lambic
A delicious fruity beer from my favorite European country... Belgium!
I've been infatuated with it for about 15 years now... and in my mid-20's I was actually quoted at a party saying "My doctor said My Lambic!" ... yah, dorky! My favorite flavors are Framboise (raspberry), Cassis (currant) and Kriek (cherry).

2. Philosophy 3-in-1 Shower Gels
Well, if I can't eat it I might as well bathe in it, right?
I discovered them about 2 years ago while shopping at Sephora in Orlando and my bathing experience has never been the same... hee hee. These 4 pictured to the right are my favorite flavors, I mean, scents.

3. The KONE
Ohmygosh, what an invention! I got it for
Christmas from my mom and haven't stopped using it (or staring at it) since! It's a mini-vac that looks like modern art! It's the epitome of "functional art"...LOVE IT!

4. My iPod

No, it's not one of those fancy-schmancy new ones. It's just that plain old mini that came out like 3 years ago, but I LOVE IT! It goes with me wherever I go and lets me tune out the rest of the world... with some sweet tunes! ;)

5. My Bernina
Of course, I could not leave my sewing machine out of this list. It has been my best buddy for so long now! Yes it is old and a bit worn out, but heck, so am I. But it is a workhorse, and heck, so am I. We are perfect together. What a sweet inheritance from my MIL... RIP.

6. My Pentax SLR
I take all my pictures with it... well, except for this one (it would have to be a pretty amazing camera if it could take pictures of itself!). It was a b-day gift from Jon last year... hmmm... I wonder how he'll top that this year?!

7. My Mac
Another one of my "best buddies". It's slim and slick and oh, so fast. And that 21-inch
flat panel is not too shabby either! And YES! That's what it looks like, baby remote on the side and all!!!

8. Nana Thai

It's this little Thai restaurant in Bloomington that I have become totally addicted to. Since we don't go in there too often (cause it's a royal pain with the kids!) we do take-out and oh what a treat it is when Jon shows up with
two Nana Thai brown bags!! They make the BEST Yum Nua ... YUM!

9. Iced Mocha
If not available, I'll take a Starbucks' Frapuccino, or a Barney's Coffee Cooler... just mix some chocolate & coffee together and throw them on ice and I'm good to go.

10. The Office
No, not my physical office, but the NBC show! I fell in love with the original BBC show and when we borrowed the complete DVD set from a friend, Jon & I watched them marathon-style one weekend. We just couldn't stop. And I hadn't laughed that hard in ages. When they decided to make an American version we were both very skeptical... but alas, here we are! BIG FANS!


  1. Oh how fun! What a great post to get to know you better. :)


  2. What a fun list!! And a great first post Patty!! Can't wait to read more! I like how candid and funny you sound!! :)


  3. Awww... thank you, ladies. Hope the next few posts don't take me near as long as this one did or I'll have to give up eating & sleepig just so I can manage my blog! ;) It was fun, though!!! Thank you girls for inspiring me to start one!


  4. patty!
    I am so proud of you girlie! I will be checking back often to see what fantastic things you have been up to! ps- I LOVE IKEA!
    I always start being organized- then it turns into a mess eventually! LOL! Your career is really taking off now. Just look at you go! Congrats!


  5. Awww... Er! You're so sweet! Thanks a bunch. Love ya!!


  6. What a great list Patty. Of course we have a sisterly bond now with our iMacs. HA... I've used my little remote like only twice. It just hangs there, getting knocked off about 37 times a day.


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