A Peek Inside...

...my sewing studio! I've been asked before to share pictures, but it was always too messy to show... hee hee! So I took a couple of hours this weekend and cleaned it up for you guys (ain't I nice?).

What's that funky pattern covering up the window, you ask? Well, I was getting a ton of glare from the sun peeking in and I just couldn't get anything done, so in order to block out all light I took a large piece of cardboard, cut it to size and covered it with this funky vintage fabric from the 70's. Yes, I am in a dark dungeon now, but at least it's a pretty, colorful, psychedelic dungeon! ;)

And just so the fabric wouldn't get lonely, I paired it up with a lava lamp. The problem is... the only two outlets under my desk are taken up by my sewing machine & serger. Guess I gotta go invest in an extension cord.

Here's a fun game for ya: how many things can you spot from the store IKEA? Yes, I'm a big fan of affordable minimalist furniture! OK, I'll help ya out: the table and chair are from there, as well as these (they're spice jars but don't they look better as button jars?):
Oh, and this too:
Of course, no sewing room is complete without "the stash":

And the fruits of my labor:

Well, that's the end of the tour! Hope you enjoyed it! Come back anytime.


  1. Patty-it looks awesome! I am in the middle of changing rooms, and organizing all my things. So you'll be seeing similar pics from me. :)


  2. Sarah9:45 PM

    Patty - think POWERBAR!

    What a terrific sewing room! Love the lava lamp!

    Sarah :)

  3. Hey Patty! I just found your blog! Just wanted to share that my sewing studio is completely furnished at IKEA, as well. One big difference between yours and mine is that it would take me FAR longer than 2 hours to make it presentable for pics, LOL.

    Great Blog!
    Judy :)

  4. Woo Hoo!!! And yes THAT is the action I was referring to!!!! LOL So I have my buttons in those spice jars too!!! only they have a flat part on the side so they are tipped over. And actually thank you for reminding me that I have some of thse wooden drawers that the buttons are sitting on! They are out in the garage waiting to be sanded :)


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