WOOHOO! I've been "Hand Picked" ...

... by the YaYas! The fabulous group of eBay custom boutique designers, The YaYas, are having a Spring-themed guest launch and they've decided to title it "Hand Picked" because they said they hand picked all their guests... ain't that sweet? They even came up with this nifty little logo showing all of our id's on the petals of the flower (check out modkidboutique right at the top of the flower):

For this awesome launch I've created a special little 2-piece ensemble that is ready-made and ready to ship in size 2T / 3T.

Now, I know some of you ladies are thinking, why not a "custom"? Well, it's not because I don't have enough fabric or I don't want to re-make it. It's simple: see, by the time this auction ends and I receive payment and measurements from the winning bidder, I will be leaving for a 7-day vacation to my beloved Florida, so I didn't want to disappoint the winning bidder by being extremely late on their custom order. So, here's what I'll do: If you fall in love with this set and you must have it in another size than what's listed, I will gladly set up a custom auction for you when I return from my vacation. Just email me and we'll get all the details squared away! Deal? Deal!

Oh, I almost forgot! Here's the eBay auction link: click here

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