A Complaint-Free Day for Patty? Bwa-ha-ha

Ever since I posted about the complaint-free challenge, (what, like 12 hours ago?) I've been trying to see if I can even go 21 minutes without an involuntary whine (forget 21 days, I need to start with baby steps, LOL!). Well, I guess I'm just a natural born whiner, because, this is the way my afternoon & evening went:

  1. I was top-stitching some denim with my double needle and it was looking oh, so beautiful, when, all of a sudden, SNAP! The needle broke right into the fabric and pieces went flying everywhere! Of course, I don't keep a supply of those handy, so I had to put the project down until my next trip to the fabric store. First big whine from me... ok, I must start over!

  2. Then, I was waiting impatiently for my postman to come because I knew my beloved FreshCut that I ordered 5 days ago would finally be here today (since it wasn't here yesterday or the day before). Well, the man came and no fabric for me, again. And AGAIN, I whined! UGH! Must start over!

  3. Then, I got all dolled up for a night out with some friends. It was my last chance to have some real grown-up fun since I have to go pick up the kids tomorrow. Well, my friends canceled at the last minute... HUGE whine from me! Ok, I'm starting to think I just can't control it.

  4. Jon felt sorry for me and decided to take me out for sushi. Awww, what a sweetie! He's a keeper. The food was great. The conversation was great. Just a perfect date night with my hubby. As we were leaving the restaurant I discovered it was POURING outside and I had not brought an umbrella. We got soaked and again, I WHINED!

  5. So I am in the car explaining to Jon why I am so disappointed at my whining. I explain the challenge... and how I got tagged today and how I just cannot go 5 minutes without whining and he starts laughing at me because I am whining about how much I whine! LOL!

So, needless to say, I don't think I will be successful at this challenge. I will keep trying but... no promises! ;)


  1. Anonymous4:27 PM

    Oh, Patty! LOL! You are so funny. I admit, I'm having the same kind of day you are! Gah!!!

    Sarah :)

  2. You are too funny!!!!


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