Two Birds with One Stone

This will be a multi-purpose posting. I wanted to share a few more pictures from our FL vacation. But these also just happen to be sneak peeks of two custom sets that I will be listing next week on eBay (March 22nd, to be exact, for the Beatlemania launch).

We had a blast at Animal Kingdom last week and of course the girls were the center of attention in their MODKID. I had never had that many people come up to me in one single day to ask "where I buy my kids' clothes at"... "well, let me tell ya!" LOL! Thank goodness I came loaded with business cards. Since we've returned, I have had a dozen or so new subscriptions to my mailing list, so I'd like to think it was my Disney fans. :)

The set Sydney is wearing (above, below and to the right) has got to be the most playful set I've ever designed. The skirt is a "poof" style (or is it a "puff"?). It has a drop waist (it doesn't show in any of these pictures, but it's there) and it is slightly gathered at the bottom to create that fun "poofy" look. It is made with this cool European circus fabric that features a parade of hand drawn whimsical characters (wizards, clowns, circus animals. etc.)... very unique. The shirred top is light, airy and fun... the black fabric you see is a Robert Kaufman crepe gauze so it is not too heavy and can be worn comfortably all through the Summer. And as you may have noticed already, I am just wild about dots this season... they just look so adorable on the girls! :)

Now, let me talk for a bit about Sophia's set (to the left). About a week or so before our vacation, she came to me and out of the blue asked me if I would make her a pretty dress to wear to Disney. THUNK! (that was the sound my butt made as I fell off my sewing chair). Of course, I immediately grabbed her hand and we ran together to my fabric stash (I think I was actually skipping!). She had already eyed what she wanted... she didn't hesitate one bit. "I want the one that looks like Sailor Moon, mommy." It was this gorgeous Alexander Henry "japanimation" fabric that I had received in the mail a few days prior. Now, let's pick a coordinating fabric. Of course, she went for the Pink Ta Dots, being that red and pink are her "favorite colors in the whole wide world". And, guess what? I just found out that Michael Miller has finally retired the Pink Ta Dot, so now it will be in high demand (the girl has expensive taste, I tell ya!) Next, we sat down together at my cutting table and I sketched out a few rough ideas until she pointed and smiled at one. A Sophia Creation was born! (she loved it so much that she wore it to both Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom... ahhhh, makes a mommy proud!)

Now, how do these relate to Beatlemania, you ask? Yes, I know you've been wondering. Well, Sydney's Euro circus set represents the song "Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite", which happens to be one of my all time favorite Beatles' songs. Sophia's japanimation set is a tribute to Yoko Ono. Look for these next Thursday, March 22nd, on eBay. The search term will be "theFab4".


  1. Patty they look wonderful! I love the story of Sophia picking out her fabrics. I didn't know that one was retired..yikes! I may need to find some quick before it skyrockets in price.

  2. Great pictures! I love pink, black and white :) Can't wait to see all of them!


  3. Thanks girls! These sets were a blast to design and they are extra special to me because my girls LOVE to wear them! :)


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