Hansel & Gretel

One of my launch groups, Elite European Designers, is having a themed launch this week titled "Bavarian Fairytale". I teamed up with my friend Kristen of gocksfrocks, to bring you our own interpretation of the Grimms Brothers' fairy tale, Hansel & Gretel.

I made this cute peasant style dress using materials completely out of my vintage stash. This gorgeous floral calico is over 30 years old and God knows how old the crochet trim is. But as I held them in my hand they called out to me, we belong together! So they were joined in Holy Matrimony, right here in my sewing studio (can you tell it's near midnight and I'm beginning to babble incoherently?) Anyway, Sydney must have thought the dress was incredibly comfy because she wouldn't take it off and even took her afternoon nap in it! :) So, needless to say, I am keeping this one for her and will remake it for the lucky winner of this auction.

I sent a few vintage cotton fat quarters to my friend Kristen, who in turn created the most breathtaking appliqu├ęd apron I have ever seen! She has depicted the forest in which the two children were lost and even added the cute birdie who innocently ate all the breadcrumbs rendering Hansel & Gretel unable to find their way back home. Brilliant! The bird has gorgeous hand embroidery, the trees have spiral stitching for added depth and the breadcrumbs are glass beads that have been hand applied for a 3-D effect! What a perfect finishing touch!

You can view this auction here. And to view all of the Bavarian Fairytale listings, click here.

Also, for this launch, I have listed a five-piece set that is fit for a princess! I was feeling brave and listed it at 99 cents with no reserve. And as if that wasn't crazy enough, I also decided at the last minute to include all of the jewels and extras that appear in the auction pictures! WHOA! This is a great deal... and let me say that the jewels alone are worth way more than the current bid! LOL! But I guess it was a gamble I took... live & learn, right?

You can view the Princess auction here.

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  1. Anonymous11:29 PM

    Patty! Another triumph! I love, love, love it!

    Sarah :)


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