I've been tagged...again!

My good friend Judy (of willarie) has tagged me to show my office right here on my blog! ACK! I guess that means I gotta clear all these papers off my desk, huh?! Well, I needed a good excuse to file and dust, so here it is... my workspace!

Yes, I know. Not very exciting, but that's where I spend an ungodly amount of hours every day! Too many if you ask Jon... and the kids. I work on a Mac and she is like my 3rd child... if I could take her with me everywhere I totally would, but unfortunately she is not portable, so here she stays every day perched on her little silver foot lookin' purdy. Ain't she sweet?

I have all my sewing books and other miscellaneous resource materials on the top shelf...

I keep some office supplies and spare sewing supplies in an old Manila cigar box, compliments of my father in law. I love the rustic look of it... it's got so much character!

I am a huge The Nightmare Before Christmas FREAK, so of course I have to have Jack, Sally & friends here with me at all times.

And last, but not least, some of my most favorite people keep me company and provide loads of inspiration throughout the day: from left to right: Mr. Jack Skellington, Sophia as Cinderella, the fabulous Frida Kahlo (in candle format) and none other than the ├╝ber-cool Salvador Dali.

So, that's it! Hope you enjoyed the tour. I will be sharing my sewing studio project next, so stay tuned.

OK, now I have to tag someone. From the looks of it, most of you have been tagged already, so I will throw out s a couple of names and if you've already been tagged, sorry... Kristen, Ash and Megan. Let's see those workspaces, girls!!


  1. Anonymous12:31 AM

    LOL! I noticed Jack Skellington and your super cute computer right away. Nice workspace, Patty! :) You've got much more room than me!

  2. Oh my sister is a HA-UGE Nightmare before Christmas fan. I think it's just the name Jack though, because she's in love with Cpt. Jack Sparrow too.

    I can't WAIT to meet you in person roomie!

  3. Got the tag Patty and I have posted my Office space pictures!


  4. WooHoo! Mac's rock! ;)

    Kerrie (a fellow mac junkie)

  5. Great workspace Patty, I'm green with envy for your Mac! I want to ditch my Dell for a Mac really badly, but it's going to be a while before I save enough pennies.

    :) Judy

  6. I love your space Patty! You have to make a trip into Astoria when you come to Portland for Market. A little store called Lunar Boy Gallery (used to be owned by Jimmy Pickering). I'll have to swing in and see if the store has his influence in it. Check out jimmypickering.com and drool!


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