The Costa Rica Collection is here!

Well, at least part of it. The "food poisoning" or "flu virus" (or whatever the heck it was) prevented me from getting much done last week, but now that I am back to my old self again I am cranking these out! LOL! I sewed last night as if my life depended on it and the product of it was perhaps my most favorite piece of clothing I have ever created!! Hmmm... maybe I should take long sewing breaks more often so I can come back with super-human energy. I will share a little sneak peek later tonight.

But for now, I just listed 2 items as part of LimeVine's SOLEIL launch and the Children of the World debut launch. These are my first 2 items from The Costa Rica Collection which I've mentioned before here. There will be more listed later this week, so stay tuned!

First, is a 2-piece set ready-made in size 2T-4T. Click here to see the auction:

Secondly, the wonderful lotus flower pin! (brainchild of my friend Maria). Click here to see the auction:

As I mentioned above, more from the collection will be listed later on this week. We had a photoshoot today (and an excellent blooper that I will share with you maybe later tonight!).


  1. Anonymous10:41 PM

    Patty! Glad to see you back & recovered!

    What a gorgeous, gorgeous collection. I am drooling.....

    Sarah :)

  2. Oooh Patty! I love this set. The colors are so yummy:)


  3. Thank you, ladies! This collection is very dear to my heart! I LOVE it too! :)


  4. This outfit is lovely. I will have to check out your ebay auctions.

  5. I absolutely adore this outfit!!

  6. I am definitely feeling the love... thanks girls! :)


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