Tagged! Seven Random Things

I have been tagged again! This time by a brand new blogger and old friend of mine, Aida of annabella*designs. I feel like the most popular kid in school all of a sudden. You know... the one that doesn't get picked LAST for sports or for any team-related activity. And this is a brand new feeling for me, because I was quite the DORK in school ... definitely not COOL.

Anyway, I am supposed to share seven random things about myself that most people don't know. Jon's gonna love this one... he claims I already share too much on my blog! LOL!

  1. I have been skydiving AND scuba-diving and I am a certified PADI scuba diver. (I haven't done either in a few years though -- it's just too dangerous and when you have kids it puts everything into perspective.)

  2. English is my second language. Spanish is my first and French is my third. (Although it's been so long since I spoke French that I have almost lost it all.)

  3. I love condensed milk so much that I can actually eat it right out of the can ... and I have! (many times!)

  4. When I was 3 years old, I was hospitalized for the croup and I lived in a plastic bubble for a couple of months. I have some very distorted memories of that time.

  5. I have traveled to 21 countries and hope to visit a lot more in my lifetime!

  6. I am deathly allergic to cats and lately have developed an allergy to pretty much all furry animals. :(

  7. I have a terrible case of insomnia (and have had it for years) and often times I lie awake at night dreaming up new designs or running through my to-do list over & over again in my head. It's maddening!

OK. Those are my seven random facts. Now I am supposed to tag 7 people. How do I not tag someone who's already been tagged?? Oh well, I'll give it a shot: Tuesday, Lovelyn, Em, Judy, Michelle, Ash & Jeana.


  1. thanks, patty...i did mine! =)

  2. Oh lookie lookie, I tagged you and you tagged me :) Now we are even :)


  3. Wow Patty, very interesting facts!!!


  4. OK...the condensed milk made me gag a little--YUK! I'm feeling the need to beef up my education a little after reading your facts--LOL!!

  5. Thanks, ladies!

    Jennifer -- don't knock it till you try it! Have you ever had condensed milk? It is the sweetest, creamiest, yummiest thing I have ever tried. When I was looking through Flickr for a picture of it, I discovered that I am not the only one obsessed with it... people put it on toast, pancakes, french toast, coffee, cake, and eat it by itself... like I do! :) YUM!

    "I'm feeling the need to beef up my education a little after reading your facts" ??? ROTFL! I am no genius by any means! Not sure what impressed you! ;)


  6. I just finished with mine :D Thanks so much for the tag...you are the first person to ever tag me!!! =:oO I'm so flattered :P

  7. Just 7 more reasons to love you Patty... Like we needed any more. :)

  8. That condensed milk, I had a mouth full of tea half swallowed and gaged a little too LOL. Patty that is sicko!!! And I have tried it:) you are one cool lady P :)


  9. Wow Patty!! You have the most interesting (and informative!!) list i have seen so far!

    I, too, have distorted memories from a childhood sickness that lasted a while and was in hospital for. Weird memories from just after I got sick, before the hospital too. I was 9.

    Oh, and I speak French too. They make us up here! Lol! But am really out of practice.


  10. WOW, thanks for the comments, ladies!

    Gyl... I guess we have more in common than we thought! :)

    Em... well, at least you've tried it! ;) LOL!

    Tuesday, glad to have been the first to tag you! :)

    Beki... you are so sweet! :)



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