A Method to my Madness

Since I was spending my weekend with Bernie, I had to make sure I maximized my time since I don't get that sort of luxury very often. I turned my studio into a little manufacturing plant in which I was the sole assembly line worker and made a little documentary of my process, which means that in addition to spending time with Bernie, I also spent a lot of time with Penny (my Pentax D-SLR) and Maci (my Macintosh computer). It was a girls' weekend for sure! ;)

So, for all of you out there who might be wondering how a weekend with Bernie, Maci & Penny is spent, here is the breakdown:

1. Cut all pieces
2. Label each piece using a sticky note & pin
3. Stack according to sizes and type of pieces (i.e. all 2T Bistro pants on one stack, etc.)

4. Sew all "like" pieces together (or shirr if needed)
5. Serge all "like" pieces
6. Topstitch all seams

7. Attach MODKID clothing labels plus size & care labels

8. Add any finishing trims or embellishments as needed

9. Hang & Tag
(repeat steps 1 - 9 for the next set of "like" pieces)

10. Package each outfit in individual cellophane bags

11. Box & Ship

Needless to say, in between each step you can add "take pictures" which I guess added a few extra minutes to the process but makes for an informative blog posting. And, of course, all this was done to a background playlist comprised of 80's & 90's rocking tunes played as loudly as possible on my iTunes.

Thanks to all of you ladies who kept me "virtual company" while I worked. Your comments were all so sweet! My to-do list is now about half the size it was which is so amazing to me because when I first saw it "on paper" I felt completely overwhelmed. I got the large orders out which was the most pressing and the rest of the list is definitely doable during my usual schedule. Oh, and for those of you who inquired, Jon loves his new grill and we have already used it a couple of times! :)


  1. Sandi Henderson2:47 PM

    OH I am SOOOO jealous Patty! But seeing your gusto is getting me pumped for my next few days where I will be doing the exact same thing. :)


  2. i love it. i think i'm meant to me a designer & seamtress in my heart....but i have no idea how i'd learn (or start!) now! so beautiful and fun!! thanks for the peek into your world! =)

  3. So professional! You go girls you did an excellent job for sure! The clothing is just beautiful!

  4. Anonymous10:41 PM

    Wooo hooo! You go girl! :)

  5. Thanks for this insight into your process. I love seeing how others work and how they tackle projects.
    Also, I meant to email you, but we got the bows right away and they are soooooooo cute in Phi's hair. Thank you!

  6. You

    Patty those look so perfect!!! I know they will be happy with them!

  7. Thank you, thank you, ladies!!
    I felt so productive... I love days like that! LOL! People should be receiving their packages today & tomorrow, so I am excited to hear what they all thought! :)


  8. I WANT your wooden hangers!!!!!

    That looks like fun, not work!


  9. I love the little peek into your creative life. :)

  10. sheree1:40 AM

    WOW--you look like you had a fun and productive weekend. Gorgeous colors you used on those sets.


  11. What a process, you seem like such a pro at it!

  12. Awww... you ladies are so sweet! Thank you!

  13. Your stuff is fabulous! Do you only sell via ebay?

  14. Thanks for the great compliment buford betty! Until now I've sold primarily on ebay, but I do have a couple of sets on ConfettiKidz.com and I occasionally sell here on my blog. Once the orders that I was referring to on this posting hit the online boutiques I will post links to them here and on my website! :)



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