I'm Baaaaack! ... and ready to work!!!

Boy, this was an awesome vacation. We did everything we set out to do and more. I have so many pictures to share with you, but it'll take hours to download and edit them all. I promise to share soon!

In the meantime I want to share my newest creation. I mentioned in my last post that this was a special dress I made for the Boutique Encore launch. Well, I am just so excited about how nicely it came out! The launch is titled "Shibui" which, according to Wikipedia, means "unobtrusive beauty", but this website has a much better description of it.

The bodice features hand-made frog closures in the front and several rows of shirring in the back for a perfect fit and room for growth. The shoulder straps can be adjusted at end of auction for a shorter or taller child. The attached skirt showcases a fabulous hand-pieced stripwork of the most beautiful Chirimen kimono fabrics I have ever seen... the skirt flares out at the hem to form a perfect circle when laid flat, so this dress has TONS of twirl power. And as I mentioned in my last post, the cute little matching stuffie that Sydney carries in the auction pictures is included as well as a brand-new boxed set of wooden chopsticks.

This OOAK set will NOT be recreated as I used every last bit of these very hard to find Japanese Chirimen fabrics that I special ordered just for this launch.

Click here to check out this auction.
Also, the rest of the listings are not to be missed! These ladies really went all out for this launch... click here to see the entire Boutique Encore "Shibui" launch.

Oh, and I have not forgotten about my Fall '06 studio sale! I received a few emails from some of you requesting specific sets. Not everything from my Fall '06 collection is available. Some samples were sold back then. Others, I kept for Sydney or Sophie to wear around town (free advertising! LOL!) I promise I will sort through these emails and my samples and will get it all taken care of this week.

Also I have tons of new ideas for the new Fall '07 collections... so there are lots of new MODKID designs coming your way! Stay tuned!! :)


  1. that is ridiculously gorgeous!!

    i'm anxiously awaiting both sample sizes!! =)

  2. Welcome back Patty!!! Can't wait to see some pics from your vacation!

    That outfit is SO adorable! Love all of your designs girl. I'm so excited to get started on my fall collection too. Can't wait for that!! You know what that means... FABRIC SHOPPING!!! ;)

  3. Thanks, girls!

    I just listed my samples... off to blog! ;)


  4. Welcome back Patty! I cannot wait to see your pics of the gorgeous ocean! :) I am slightly jealous. I am also anxiously awaiting a peek at your Fall 2007 line. :)

  5. I LOVE the new dress!

  6. This outfit is so stinkin adorable as is your darling model girlie!


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