MODKID Studio Sale!!!

I finally listed some Fall '06 samples off my studio! Here's the blurb ...I listed two auctions. One in size 24M / 2T (Sydney's size) and one is size 5/6 (Sophie's size).
The starting prices are set ridiculously low (priced to move, as they would say). The 3-pc. set has no reserve, so bid away. The 7-pc. set (in size 5/6) has a low reserve. As a hint, my BIN (Buy It Now) price was calculated at $25 per piece, which is crazy considering how much work went into these, and the reserve was set even LOWER... so you will be getting a deal no matter what! :)

Click here to see the following 7-piece wardrobe in a size 5/6

Click here to see the following 3-piece set in a size 2T.

For a link to all MODKID auctions, click here.

I also have these adorable L'Amour clogs in a size 12 (toddler) that are BNIB (Brand New in Box). I bought these for Sophie to use for modeling and they were way too small. She could not even get her foot into them, LOL! So these have never been worn. They are best sized for a 10, 10.5 or 11 (they run 1 - 2 sizes small). Check them out... so cute! :) I will sell these for $20, just to recover what I paid. Post a comment here on my blog, or email me directly at info@modkidboutique if you are interested in these. :)

Happy shopping, everyone!!!

A quick addition to this post...

Just wanted to let those of you who may have missed it the first time know that I still have a couple of the Baby Gassy Gooma modeling samples in the size 24M available if anyone is interested. Also, the cute pink poodle trench coat in a size 5 is still available... what a perfect accent piece for the Fall/Winter months! For more info/price on these items, check out my previous Blog Sale posting. First come - first served. :)


  1. hey patty! i TOLD you i was stalking your blog waiting for this!! ;)
    i'll have to have those shoes please!!
    i'm keeping close watch on those outfits...thanks! =)

  2. Hey, you're fast, Love!! Well, the shoes are yours if you want them! :) Glad someone can enjoy them. Sophie was so upset that she couldn't wear them. I gotta find a bigger pair for her.

    Hey, I'm having a hard time finding how to contact you directly... can you email me at so I can get your info & stuff? Thanks, hun! :)



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