The world looked so beautiful from up there!

Sorry, it took me so long to share these pictures with you all. I've been so incredibly busy since we got back from vacation. But I just had to take a few minutes on this lazy Sunday morning to edit the pictures and update my blog. Hope you all enjoy them! :)

For those of you who are new to my blog (or those who may have missed a few posts), we took the family on a Florida vacation last week. Sophie & Sydney stayed at my parent's house in Cocoa, where they had a ton of fun activities planned, while Jon and I took a 4-day/3-night cruise to the Bahamas. While at Coco Cay (Royal Caribbean's private island) we took a parasailing excursion, and here are the pictures...

We met our crew and the rest of the parasailing enthusiasts here, right by this cool sign.

Getting ready to go! You can see the little boat in the background. We had 5 other couples going on the parasailing excursion with us. All of them were first-timers except one couple. The contraption is made for 2 people, so at least you're not all alone up there... thank goodness! ;)

Gettin' our gear on...

All suited up and ready to go...

And we're off! HOLY $#%*&!!!! Can you see me screaming in that picture? LOL!

I think at this point I was just thinking... "too late to back out now!" LOL! But, it was worth every penny and every worry. It was just gorgeous and a crazy wonderful experience! :)

WOOHOO! 400 feet up in the air! How beautiful and serene everything is from up here. We were up there for about 6 minutes... wish it had been longer. We just LOVED it!

My favorite picture! The Royal Caribbean cruise ship looks beautiful in the background. The waters are so blue and clear! We were kinda low in this picture... they were probably starting to reel us back in at this point.

Awww, is it time to go back already? But I was just getting used to it up here!

Reeling us back... slowly... slowly...

Oh, so close!

Almost touching the deck of the boat:

YAY! We made it back safely!! Can we go again?

Our group of parasailing enthusiasts: (the lady on the bottom left of the picture is the one responsible for all these wonderful pictures of us. We traded cameras right before we went up . She and her partner went right after us and I reciprocated the favor... what a fun-loving bunch!!)

Thanks for letting me share this wonderful experience with you all! I cannot wait to do it again!!!


  1. Dayna, you totally should! I'd bet you'd love it!!! Did you ever go skydiving? This was definitely LESS scary than skydiving for me. :)


  2. 400're brave! I'm so excited for you to have been able to do that!

    The lady took great pictures for you!!


  3. Thanks, Amelia! Oh, she did get great pictures! :)

  4. WOW!! 400 feet.. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun!! I don't know if I would want to do that LOL I can't even get on a roller coaster HAHA! But my dd would love that. Thanks for sharing the great pics!

  5. Beautiful photos! It looks like fun.


  6. Thanks, Corrine & Linda! :)


  7. so fun! we did this in hawaii on our honeymoon and loved it! i actually can't believe i did it, as they dropped the couple right before us!! beautiful pics! =)

  8. Wow girlie you are BRAVE! I would totally pass out! LOL I am so afraid of heights thats why I've never flown.

  9. FUUUN!! Good for you guys!!! WOW!!!

  10. wowo looks like you had a blast.;...i wanna do that

  11. What an awesome memory! Looks like alot of fun!


  12. sheree2:44 PM

    Looks amazing. You are so brave--I'd be way too chicken--probably would pass out!



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