Feeling Lucky

I haven't posted in a week and I apologize. I was busy getting Autumn Blooms orders fulfilled this past week, but I am so happy to announce that the last of the paid orders went out today. WHEW! Soon, I'll be sharing some links with you so you can shop, shop, shop.

But first I wanted to share with you why I'm feeling so "lucky" these days. My friend Dayna suggested I try Lucky Labels after a few failed attempts at contacting another company that shall not be named to get my MODKID woven labels created, and I am just so happy that she did. Not only did these guys match my colors and artwork exactly, but their customer service was unsurpassed, their pricing was lower than any others I checked out (even including shipping from Thailand!) and their turn-around time was lightning fast! They had a first proof for me within 48 hrs. from the time I emailed them my logo. I made one tiny change and they produced another right away, which was perfect, and the 2,400 pieces were made and ready to ship 4 days later! I couldn't believe it!! And when they arrived at my door I was speechless... it was everything I expected & more!

I ordered the woven clothing labels and the matching seam inserts... and I just love them! I also went out and splurged on a new tagging gun so now I'm really looking professional! hee hee

Here are some pictures of Autumn Blooms in the midst of production...

And then ready to ship out...

Mmmm, those colors are so yummy... and the fabrics are super soft! :) Stay tuned for some online boutique links. I'll be posting a couple this weekend and more to come later.


  1. Labels is one thing I was searching around for this week too. I wasn't sure whether to go with printed or woven.

    Yours look great!!!

  2. So professional...I love the little seam tags...just like Gap and Children's Place! :) I can't wait for the day that we walk into the store and see ModKid on the rack.

  3. ...or better yet, the day I finally have $$ and time to open my own boutique! I do have the name, Emma*Cakes Closet, A Funky Vintage Baby Boutique. Awww...some day!

  4. Thank you, thank you, ladies!

    Aww... Amber! That is so sweet! I hope your dream comes true one of these days... that would be so much fun! :) Your boutique name is FABULOUS!

  5. Anonymous10:31 PM

    Drooling. Drooling.

    Gorgeous outfits, Patty! Another design triumph! :)

  6. Everything looks fantastic, Patty! WOW!!! Your clothing will soon be in very hot demand. Get ready!!! :-)

  7. Sarah, it's alway nice when you visit! Thanks for the sweet comment.

    Kirsten, how nice to see you around here... thanks, hun. LOVE YA! :)

  8. Very Professional - Looks like I can buy out of Nordstroms and Maceys :0)

  9. Oh! Did I say I love your designs ;0)

  10. so fun and professional...love them!! you're amazing, patty! =)

  11. Oh goodness Patty, thank you for sharing, I LOVE these and I really need to get myself some new labels!!!

    I adore your logo and style, it's so "you!" Very hip and very cute!


  12. Your clothes are so beautiful! They are really amazing. It is evident that you put a lot of work and pride into your business and you should be very proud.

    I wish you continued success!


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