Tooting my horn a bit...

YAY! I was so excited when Shirlene of nanas*trunk*boutique emailed yesterday to tell me that Enchanted Forest was being featured on her awesome website, If you have not checked it out, you need to go over there right now. It is a great place for designers & buyers of custom boutique. Kiddlins is a weekly weblog showcasing the latest handmade children’s fashion items. Check back regularly to find out what’s hot this season!

Then a few hours later, Laurie of *blowing*bubbles*boutique* informed me that I had been chosen as the Daily Featured Designer at the Designer's Notion Hideout. You have to be a member to enter this portion of the site but becoming a member is easy and it is well worth it as you can chat and get all the latest boutique-related scoop in The Hideout. :)

Oh, and this morning I woke up to find out that Amsterdam has made the eBay Pulse... in the Girls/Custom Handmade category... WOOHOO! I am not sure how they pick people to be on there because I've definitely had more watchers on other sets and not made it on there... so It is a mystery to me. If any of you lovely readers know how you end up on The Pulse, please enlighten me. :)


  1. Sandi Henderson3:08 PM

    Oooo Congrats Patty! You totally deserve it! Getting on the pulse is a combination of hits and watchers.


  2. Thanks, Sandy! Of course you'd know... I should've just asked you! LOL!!!

  3. Congrats on all of your features!!!!

    The pulse is who has the most watchers :)

  4. Thanks, Erin! :) I figured as much.

  5. Toot! toot! ALL well deserved!!! way to go Patty!!!!

  6. Thanks, Miss Megan! :)


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