Ahhhh... Springtime in Venice

Such a nice visual to daydream about when it's 12 degrees outside and there's about 12 inches of snow covering everything visible. This was the theme for a guest launch with the lovely ladies of VendeMia boutique on eBay. They were gracious enough to invite me to guest with them and I was thrilled to participate... after all, who doesn't love girly sets inspired by springtime flowers and gelato?

For this launch I created Part 2 of the Tutti Frutti Collection (from my Spring 2008 Line) seen below...

Click HERE to view this auction. This particular auction is for the capri pants, shirred peasant blouse and appliqued apron top seen below...

These 3 pieces will be custom made in any size between 12M and 6X. The pieces mix and match beautifully with the other pieces from the collection... check it out:

Click HERE to view all MODKID auctions.
And click HERE to see the rest of the VendeMia listings. There are lots of fabulous designs... not to be missed. :)

Thank you, VendeMia for inviting me to participate. I had a blast!

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  1. Thanks for guesting again - it was great to get to know you better! - Loved your sets too!



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