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Starting officially today, I will add this as a standard section in my blog where I will feature any "cool items" I find -- "boutique" or not, handmade or commercially produced -- so that my blog readers can check them out and enjoy as well... my way of "spreading the joy" or "sharing the wealth," so to speak. ;)

I have shared special finds here and most recently here, but from now on you'll be able to click on the tag labeled "Cool Finds" to see everything I have featured since the beginning of my blog. YAY!

So, for today I have 3 new "Cool Finds". First of all I'd like to share this amazing necklace that I ordered from Ann at swede-at-heart from eBay. I didn't get a chance to purchase anything from her at X-Mas time so I figured my mom's birthday was the perfect occasion to order some pretties from her store. Well... was I blown away when this arrived at my doorstep! Ann created the most gorgeous sterling silver necklace with the names of my mom's 3 granddaughters hand-stamped on it. My mom absolutely loved it but I couldn't share here earlier because it would have ruined the surprise. ;)


It came so beautifully wrapped too... we both just loved it and I cannot wait to order one for myself. Thanks, Ann!


My second featured item for today is my new set of MOO cards. I recently upgraded to a Flickr Pro account because I wanted to be able to have more than 6 sets and I wanted to be able to upload high res photos and what not. So, with my Pro membership came a pack of 10 FREE MOO cards, so I figured, what the heck? They're FREE. And OH MY GOODNESS, I am in love.


The image quality is superb, printing quality is excellent and they also came so beautifully wrapped. I just LOVE their "mod" packaging... it fits with my "image" just perfectly! ;)


I will be taking them up on their offer and ordering my pack of 100 cards for $19.99... what a deal! These will replace my current biz cards from Vista Print.

And last, but certainly not least, I will share... my lunch today. HA! I wish! (really, I wish I was eating this instead of pretty much anything I can find in my fridge right now!) I promised to take Sophie and Sydney to The Gingerbread House to pick out a couple of new educational toys. Sophie was being rewarded for making it to the next level in swim lessons and Sydney was being rewarded for putting up with one too many photo shoots for myself and Baby Gassy Gooma.


But, I digress... to my utter amazement they picked out these awesome fake food kits from a company called Small World Living. They were only $8.00 each (on sale) so I happily obliged (not only because of the affordable price but also because I couldn't wait to take them home myself and play with them! LOL!)

Sophie chose the sushi set. It came complete with a tray of the most delectable looking sushi & sashimi, some soy sauce, sticky rice, a pair of chopsticks and a little cup for your hot tea. It even has a little wasabi leaf. :) Soooo cute!


Sydney chose the dim-sum platter ... with the cutest little Chinese dumplings, wontons, egg rolls, white rice and even a fortune cookie that opens up to reveal a real fortune! This one also came with a take-out container and it's own set of chopsticks, tea cup and Soy Sauce. :)



Hope you enjoyed my "Cool Finds" of the day.

Like my photos? I sure do. I shot these with my "new/old" lens. I say "new/old" because I have actually had this lens for about 15 years (I got it as a gift from my parents when I first purchased my Pentax K-1000 film camera back in college) and I just didn't know if it was going to work with my digital SLR but ALAS it does! For you photo buffs out there: it is a Quantaray 28mm macro 1:2.8. For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about... it means you can get really, really close to your subject... like I was literally 2 inches away from my subject for these pictures and you can still get amazing clarity and sharpness at your focal point and it'll blur the background beyond belief! Oooooh! I love it! :)

I also did apply one of my own Photoshop actions to these photos, so they are not straight off the camera, but pretty close. :)

And how does it do with people? Well, this is the only pic I got of Sydney before she ran off, but I was very pleased with the results. I think I'll keep it! ;)



  1. That stuff is all way cool. I've been meaning to order Moo cards too, although I must say I really liked your old cards. They were so nice and glossy. Those moo ones must be REALLY nice if you're switching.

  2. Thanks, Amy. I'm glad you liked my old cards... but trust me, these are way cooler! They are thicker and have a slick, silky feel to them. I LOVE THEM! I take it you have purchased from me before... sorry I couldn't click on your name to check out who you were... LOL! But thanks for for stopping by and for the sweet comment. :)

  3. Looks lovely! How did you get your modkid image on the text-side of the moo minicards? When I go through their site there is only eight predefined images...

  4. Stef... I honestly don't know how. When I upgraded to Pro, they asked me if I wanted my 10 free cards so it took me to the Moo screen and my logo was already there on the back... I didn't even have to select it. Pretty cool, huh? Thanks for your comment. :)

  5. Swede at Heart4:52 PM

    Thanks for the feature! I'm so glad she likes it. :) I love your new cards, when I get through my 1000 from vista I want some of those.

  6. You are very welcome, Ann. Very well deserved. And... I hear ya on the Vista cards. Luckily I only ordered 200 last time, so I'll be due for new ones soon. :)

  7. Those fake foods are the coolest!!! Maki would flip out over them! I especially love the dim sum, YUM!
    Those cards are gorgeous... I think I need to order some of those beauties.
    I have to agree that Ann is amazing, I gasp every single time I open a box from her.

  8. Thanks for stopping by, Susan! Seems like you an I have the same tastes. :)

  9. melissa@yummygoods5:57 PM

    oh my god I want those little sushis!


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