I've Got Tunes!

YAY! I finally got around to creating a playlist for my blog. These are some of my ultimate favorite songs... hope you like them!

I do not have the playlist on "autostart" because chances are most of my visitors won't like what I like and I get annoyed when I have to listen to stuff I don't like so I don't want to put you all through any unnecessary torture. You'll have to press the PLAY button on whichever song you want to hear... or just play the first one and the rest will follow automatically. :)

ENJOY! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


  1. Alot of my fav bands. Love that you have Boy with the Thorn on there. Gotta have Moz :)

  2. Thanks for your comment, Luxy. Yes, that is my fave Smiths song. I purchased the EP on vinyl back in '87 or '88 while I worked a Summer HS job at a local Flea Market. It had "Reel Around the Fountain" (another great one) on the flip side of the record... sooo cool! I still have my old vinyl collection. :)

  3. I've just recently found The Pierces and am really into them. Have you heard them yet?

    So cool that you still have it! I have a few on vinyl but most is on cassette and collects dust in the attic. We can never bare to unload them. I'm a pack rat.

  4. I have not heard The Pierces, but will definitely look them up. Thanks for the tip and for visiting my blog.


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