Have you guys been over there today and searched BLACKOUT? Oh my gosh! I had no idea the amount of listings that we would have on the first day, but at the time of this blog posting we had 633 listings... WOOOHOOO! We currently have 182 eBay boutique designers signed up to boycott eBay during this week and list over on Etsy.

I am joining in the fun and have 4 items listed in my new shop over there. I am working on some new things that will be listed later on this week, but for now I have listed some favorites using the scrumptious Oilily fabric. :)

I listed this decoupage tee in your choice of colors & sizes:

I also listed this 3-piece set ready-made in size 3T:
And if you are the DIY type, I have listed this decoupage kit, perfect for beginners-to-advanced crafters. :)

Hop on over to Etsy today and support your favorite boutique designers. And if you are a boutique designer and are unsure about how to make your move stress-free and successful, check out this awesome 5-step list by Pampering Beki... thanks for the great tips, Beki!


  1. wtg patty! thanks so much for organinzing this with me on etsy - isn't the support awesome & overwhelming! etsy is certainly the place to list this week!!


  2. Oh, you're very welcome, Kristen! I am loving the magnitude of listings and the energy and hype over there! :)

  3. Patty-
    YOU ROCK!!!!! And, your designs are amazing. Love ya, Eva

  4. Thank you for the link! I've been reading the etsy forums today and I'm more convinced than ever that ebay sellers really need to pay attention to the tips I've listed.

    It's so wonderful to see so many "old boutiquers" on etsy now! :)

  5. Thanks for visiting, Eva & Beki.

    Yes, Beki, I am guessing "etsians" are pretty stuck on "their ways" of doing things and if they see anyone doing it differently, there will be hell to pay! LOL! Oooooooeeee!

  6. I am loving all the eBay designers moving to Etsy. I am thoroughly enjoying the window shopping...I just wish I had some $$ to spend this week! I just went over to eBay and searched for some Cricut stuff for my Mom and was like wow...the listings are not going very high. I guess the strike is affecting all things eBay. I hope it makes a difference for the sellers! By the way, I told my Mom that she could not bid this week...if at all! :)

  7. Hi Patty! Just recently found your blog and love it! I hope you are wildly successful on Etsy and your own website. You designs are fun and fresh and full of life :)

    Take a bow Jenn

  8. Loving Etsy! Great sets you have listed too!!!


  9. Thanks for the great comment, ladies! :)


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