Fashion Forward Challenge... What's in Your Bag?

First and foremost I want to wish you all a HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! And what is more girlie, in this girliest of all girlie holidays, than sharing the contents of your purse? My dear friend Daria of Boutique Cafe has dared me to dump out my bag and blog about it so here it goes...


In my red bag I have... (clockwise from top left)
• a large red wallet that contains lots and lots of credit cards, receipts, business cards, but rarely any cash
• a clear SEPHORA cosmetics bag that contains anything a girl would need to make herself purdy
• an ALTOIDS tin (because sometimes you need curiously strong help)
• my DKNY shades
• my cell phone
• my iPod
• my keys
• a CLINIQUE pink comb


Inside the clear SEPHORA cosmetics bag, I have:
• DUWOP Lip Venom (to make my lips big & luscious in a pinch!)
• FRESH Orange Chocolate Shae Butter (for soft hands)
• LORAC Lipstick
• CLINIQUE Lipstick
• Chapstick (I use this the most!)
• LANCOME Liquid Eyeliner
• Pill box (since I'm old I need to carry headache, pain and allergy medications wherever I go in case of emergencies)
• Dental floss (I wouldn't want to have spinach in my teeth in case I run into Jude Law)
• CLINIQUE lip gloss
(did I ever mention I was a product junkie?!)

So, that's it. Hope you enjoyed this glimpse into my personal life. Let's see yours!!! :)
(sorry this was short & sweet... gotta run out to Sophie's school V-Day party! fun, fun, fun!)


  1. Patty!! I love your pics :) Thanks so much for sharing the contents of your purse with us. It's fun to see what we each are toting around.

    Miss you!!

  2. that was fun! you are such a girlie girl:)


  3. Thanks for taking a peek, girls! ;)
    Daria... this was fun! Wendy... let's see yours, girl! :)

  4. It's all so you!!! so chic an upscale! Love the purse too!

  5. Is that all you've got in there! should see my purse!!! It's like a store...books, diapers,'s a scary place that no one would want to see after looking at your pretty lil things :)

  6. love that red purse!! that was i did mine, too!

  7. Thanks for taking a peek, ladies!!!

    Well, my Sydney just recently became potty trained, so I celebrated by getting a smaller, cuter purse and carrying less stuff. Believe me... at this time 3 months ago, I had pull-ups, wipes and all kids of other stuff in there!

    Love... I just saw yours.. COOL! :)

  8. Oh I've been wanting to try lip venom. Is it really good?

  9. Thanks for stopping by, Beki. The lip plumper stings your lips a bit but it WORKS! I love it and use it just about every day!


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