Took the plunge! :)

First of all I want to thank everyone out there who took the time to read my last posting and leave such insightful comments. I really had no idea about some of the things you guys pointed out and it was just so great learning about your experiences and seeing some new faces/names pop out of lurking to show their support and share their opinions. I appreciate each and every one of you.

So.... I am happy to report that after much deliberation I have decided to ... ***deep breath*** leave eBay. ***exhale*** I know this may not seem like the kind of decision that should stress one out, but you have to understand that eBay has been a HUGE part of my life for the past 6 or so years... even before I started selling custom-made boutique items. For as long as I can remember I don't recall going more than a week at a time without checking my auctions or other designer's auctions or logging into my groups to see what's up or just browsing around on eBay. I am keeping my eBay account open and hope to return as a guest a couple of times a year and make a special set to celebrate someone's anniversary or any other special event... or even for a new line of fabric coming out... hee hee ;)

I am not bitter or sour or mad about this, because eBay helped build my MODKID business from the ground up. I have built a customer-base that I hope to keep for a long time and about 95% of those customers found me through eBay. So I am actually thankful for the opportunity eBay has given me to start and grow my business.

However, eBay has made some changes to their current practices that will not allow me to continue selling there without jeopardizing my business so I have decided to pursue other selling avenues.

Jon and I are building a kick-ass (excuse my French) e-commerce website and soon you will be able to purchase ready-made AND custom-made separates and sets directly from our site. I will keep the site always stocked with a few ready-to-ship items that will be sold a-la-carte so you can mix & match collections to create the look that you want. But also, I will still offer the option to custom-make a set to the size and specifications you desire. The site will be easy to navigate and visually appealing because I know how important those things are in today's e-commerce society. So stay tuned for that!

But since greatness doesn't happen overnight, in the meantime while our site is being re-built, I will be selling a few items on Etsy. Oh, and of course I will be participating in the EBAY BLACKOUT WEEK Feb 18 - 25th.

My friend Kristen and I have started a Yahoo Group promoting the blackout week for the custom-boutique community and to help those who are new to Etsy (present company included) find their way around. If you are an eBay designer and would like to join, just click on the logo below to be taken to our group home page:

OK... again, thank you all so much for your support and encouragement! I hope to see a lot of familiar faces on Etsy next week and I hope to keep in touch with all of you via the blog, my new website or email. :)

UPDATE! I just opened my Etsy store and got my first listing up on there. Please check it out! :) More to come next week...


  1. rock on, girl. :) i'm totally behind you.

  2. Anonymous7:31 PM

    Congratulations, Patty! :) That's a huge decision and I'm looking forward to your Etsy shop and your e-commerce site.

  3. I'm sorry to see you leave Ebay, Patty but I think there are many who are right behind ya. I cannot wait to see your new website! Do you have a projected GO LIVE date??

  4. Congrats on the BIG decision! I cannot wait to check out your Etsy site and I so wish I had some $$ to spend right now. :) I am so excited to see your new e-commerce site and use it to order Emma's birthday custom in a few months!

  5. Thank you, ladies!!! :) Your support means so much to me!

    Hmmmm... GO LIVE date? Let's say, no less than 2 weeks and no more than 6 weeks? How's that sound? That's what I'm shooting for at least... LOL! But I'll have some items in my Etsy store in a few days. :)

  6. I bookmarked your etsy shop! Congrats!

  7. Thanks again for the group, its awesome and I am so excited to list on etsy this weekend! I wish you the best of luck, as somone working on a website herself I know it can be a pain but I am sure yours will be fabulous!!!

  8. Buford Betty, thanks so much for bookmarking my etsy store!

    Leshayne, thanks for joining the group and for your vote of encouragement on my site. It's coming along, slowly but surely! ;)

  9. Anonymous5:37 AM

    Way to go Patty!

    So many of us know how hard such a decision is...but trust me, in time you'll know you made the right one!

    Wishing you much success!

    With friendship,

  10. Oh well, I think it's a bit sad about leaving Ebay, but on the other hand, I suppose that it must be very exciting!!!(I'm also so excited to take part at the Etsy launch)...I mean you will have all the strings in your hands doing it by your own and than with the upcoming fabric line(can't wait to see it;)you will maybe even have less time to dedicate to the clothes.
    It's great to know that you will be guesting sometimes though, and hope that you might have time and will to accept my invitation for the Beach launch;)

  11. Lisa and Katarina... thank you so much for your support!

    Katarina... please let me know the details of your launch (dates, etc.) I have to check on my schedule. You can email me directly ay


  12. Anonymous6:06 PM

    I've been thinking about the same thing Patty...whatever you decide to do I'm sure you will be a huge success! You are an inspiration and a big ball of energy...could you spare some??? LOL!!!


  13. Thank you, Dayna! I don't feel like a big ball of energy these days, though... just so tired all the time.

  14. Yay!! I'm very proud of you because I know this is not an easy decision.

    I've been nothing but thrilled with etsy for over a year now that I've been there. Love it!

    I did post a list of 5 tips on my blog to help the boutiquers be a bit more successful there.

  15. Thanks for stopping by Beki. I took a peek at your list and it is very helpful. I will link to it on my next post. :)


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