BLüM is blooming!

So, why is Sydney perched so adorably in the Om position, you might ask? I will answer that question in a bit. But first of all I wanted to thank you all for the Blüm love ... thanks for all the sweet comments on my last posting and for all the convos on Etsy and of course, for all the orders. I am just ecstatic that you guys liked the collection as much as I do. There's something about this line that just felt right from the very beginning and I don't think I had ever sewn with such a big smile on my face before... LOL!

But the weirdest part of all is that I usually love making my original designs but when I have to re-create them for a custom order, I ... well ... let's just say, I'm not quite as enthralled with them. ;) But this time it was different. I enjoyed sewing the custom orders as much as the originals. How weird is that?!? I'm telling you... there's just something about this Marimekko fabric that just puts a little extra spring in my step. The MODKID Studio (and consequently the MODKID house) is positively blooming with BLüM right now... there are fabric rolls, pattern pieces, scraps and what-not strewn all over the place, but yet... I'm STILL happy! And even more happy to report that all orders placed by last Friday are finished, packed and shipped! WOOHOO! Check out the fruits of my labor:


So, if you are one of the first few customers to order some BLUM, you will have your sweet pieces in your hands before the end of the week as I shipped everything via Priority Mail.

And as if sewing all those orders wasn't labor-intensive enough, somehow I mustered the energy to create a whole other collection that is somewhat related to BLüM -- like a super cute, health-conscious, fashion-forward younger step-sister. And here my friends is where our tour makes a full circle back to the beginning and we address Sydney's meditative state. Well, my little ball of energy is taking a few seconds out of her busy schedule to reflect on MODKID's latest collection... YOGA BABY.


I created a new line of Yoga pants that are completely customizable and very affordable! These have a double knit waistband with no elastic, so they are super soft and comfy!

There are 8 styles/colors to choose from and since each pair is made-to-order, you can fully customize it... want it shorter or longer? appliques? no appliques? the possibilities are endless. And at such a low price, you could even get a couple of different styles! These would look great with a plain tee and, of course, are a perfect match to the BLüM Collection tops in my Etsy shop.

Check them out!


JUST A QUICK UPDATE: I am fresh out of the solid raspberry knit, so I have removed the raspberry flare-legged pants off my store (so sorry). I do have some remnants that can be used to make the raspberry tie-strap top and possibly a small twirl skirt, but definitely not enough for pants. Also, I only have enough of the raspberry/grape stripe to make a very small pair of custom pants (maybe up to a size 2T). And one last note, I have received a few inquiries for size 6 & 6X items, and just wanted to tell you that yes, if I have enough fabric, I can make these in that size for $2.00 extra plus adjusted shipping charges. Convo me to inquire about a specific item and I'd be glad to set up a listing for you. That's it! :)

ANOTHER UPDATE: I sold another one of those raspberry tie-strap tops this morning so now the raspberry fabric is all gone and I have taken that item out of my store as well. :( But the good news is that I found a fabric online that looks like it will be a good match (crossing fingers) so when it arrives I will relist the items if it indeed is a match... you never know when looking at pictures on your computer screen. Thanks for all the orders, ladies! :)


  1. Yay! Two of our favorite things on Emma has become one. Modkid and yoga pants! I love buying the "yoga-style" pants at GAP and Old Navy for Emma...they are so comfy-looking on her and easy to pair with a tee or onesie. :) This is a must! I only wish this blocker at work would let me see Etsy!

  2. Too cute! I (heart) Marimekko too--love your new line.

  3. Thank you, ladies! Amber... get thee to a blocker-free place! These are selling out fast and I only have limited fabric for some styles. :)

  4. Yikes...I'll call Jon and have him check it out for me. :)

  5. Oh, no worries, Amber. I just relisted all the styles that sold this morning, except for the raspberry ones, since I am completely out of that fabric. :(

  6. These are Fab Patty! I love seeing an entire line hanging together. Your knit work is fantastic. Congratulations!!! :)

  7. great stuff!

    The link on your Flickr page to modkidboutique has and extra "dot" in dot com.

    I got here through the Flickr route and noticed.

  8. Ronda, thanks for visiting my blog and for your super sweet comment. I miss ya, hun!

    Mr. Noodle... thanks for letting me know about the link. I'm off to fix that! :)

  9. Anonymous4:57 AM

    OMG adorable! I've been a fan of Marimekko for years!

    Love the new pieces!

    With friendship,

  10. Thanks for visiting, Lisa. Your comments always make me smile. :)

  11. Wow!Love the yoga pants!!!Super cute and super comfy!



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