Family Time

These past few days have been crazy around the MODKID household. First, Jon and I drove the kids down to St. Louis late on Wednesday night (3 hrs. one-way), to stay with my sister, my niece and also with my mom who was visiting from FL. Then, the following morning we drove all the way back home where I proceeded to have 2 days of uninterrupted sewing. AHHHH! You have no idea what a treat that was! I never get alone time. I am always juggling a million different things and trying to fit my sewing time in between driving the kids around or doing other mommy-related tasks. But this was heavenly. It was just me, Bernie, and my Etsy orders. Oh, and by the way.... thanks for the yoga pants love! I knew I loved them, and that my girls loved them, but I had no idea you guys would love them so much!!! WOOOHOOO! I actually got an inquiry from an upscale children's fitness center that wants to carry my entire line of yoga pants at their store. More on that later...

But, back to family time. So, after I sewed-up all the orders I could sew (and we had our fill of Indian food and Sushi) we drove all the way down to St. Louis on Saturday morning and attended my niece's 8th b-day party. She had it at a roller skating rink that has an outer space theme, so the whole place is pitch black with black light decorations everywhere. I love these funky pictures I took without my flash. I took a bunch with my flash too, but these are way more interesting! It was hard to focus and since I had it on manual setting, I had to open my aperture all the way and use a super slow shutter speed, therefore the fuzziness, but I still adore the look of these.

And, yes, the mamas showed their moves on the floor. That is me on the left, my mom in the middle and my sister on the right. Don't we look cool??? NOT! LOL! My sister, Cathy, actually has inline skates. My mom and I went totally old school... heee heee ;)

The following day we had all these great plans for Easter but we woke up to a blanket of snow and about a 32 degree weather all day long, which kinda put a damper on things, but nevertheless, we finally braved the temperatures and headed out to the St. Louis Zoo for their Easter Eggstravaganza. We did miss most of the Easter Egg animal feedings, but we caught the lions which was SO FUN!!!

They had these oversized Easter Eggs strewn all about their pen and a giant zebra striped Easter Egg basket filled with straw and eggs for them to play with. The lions were beside themselves... it was SOOO COOL to watch! They immediately attacked the zebra basket and all the eggs inside and spent the next few minutes hunting for the rest of the eggs. Here you can see the female lion pouncing on an egg while the male lion destroys the zebra basket.

We also caught the sea lion feeding and the bear feeding and went to see a penguin and puffin exhibit that the girls LOVED!

All in all it was a pretty good day despite the chilly temperatures. The girls wore their 'Sweet Tooth' outfits but you can barely tell because they have so many layers on.

We drove back home late last night and at about 3 am Sydney comes to our bed just covered in vomit. (If you are of the queasy nature, don't read any further, just look at the pretty pictures... I promise I didn't take any of the vomit!) I proceeded to clean her up but there was just sooo much vomit everywhere that I just had to give her a shower... at 3 a.m.! The bed, and all its surroundings, was also covered. It was like 3-day's worth of food! She slept in our bed and then vomited again at breakfast time and once more a couple of hours later. By 10 am I was on my 3rd load of laundry and about 300th hand washing. Eeeek! She then took a long nap and woke up refreshed, ate something and played the rest of the afternoon. I thought it was a done deal. But then dinner time came around 6 p.m. ... she took 2 or 3 bites and spewed all over the place. I grabbed her and sat her down on the couch on top of me and she proceeded to let it all out RIGHT ON TOP OF ME!!!!! BLECH! We BOTH had to jump in the shower then because we were both completely covered. YUCK! In the shower, she puked 3 or 4 more times.

She is in bed right now and I am hoping the nightmare is OVER. Poor thing! What a way to end a super fun weekend, eh? Oh, and I guess what a way to end a super fun blog posting, eh? OK, OK, I wi
ll leave you with a few more pictures from our trip to the zoo... these are a lot more comforting than my puking stories, I promise. ;)


  1. Poor baby! Luckily, Emma's seemed to be a 24 hour thing and no puking! It is amazing how much can come out of a child so small, tho. :( I hope she is on the mend and that your household can get back to normal. I'll email you her measurements in the morning...sorry it is taken so long. She passed out at 4:30 PM yesterday and slept until 7:00 AM this morning when we had to head out the door. She fell asleep while I was trying to create a birthday card for my nephew this evening with my new Cricut. I told Jon that I am not leaving the house without her measurements tomorrow! By the way...MODKID yoga pants and a kiddie fitness center?? Do tell!

  2. OH, Amber! I was just gonna email you to find out how Emma Cakes was doing! I'm glad she is doing better and that you didn't have to deal with the puking... that is the WORST!

    Yep, this lady who owns the kiddie fitness center convoed me on Etsy... I think it was either Thursday or Friday and we spoke on the phone for a bit. She is really interested and said that my yoga pants fit the "mod" decor in her gym and that she thought they'd be a hit with the parents who are always looking for unique clothing. We will touch base again this week. And I will keep you all posted. :)

  3. Kim McBirnie2:40 PM

    You have my absolute sympathy, especially if it turns out to be one of those bugs that hops from person to person every 36 hours! What is it about becoming a parent that allows you to:
    1.) Unhesitatingly reach out to catch your childs vomit, and
    2.) Talk about it in great detail to other parents!
    Best of luck with the bug and the sewing.

  4. simplysophiadesigns7:42 AM

    Awww, poor baby! It breaks my heart when they are so sick :( I hope everyone is healthy now!

  5. LOL! I figured anyone who has children of their own could relate to my account and not get totally grossed out by the details. ;)

    Thanks for all the good wishes!! Sydney is back to normal. It must have been a food-related thing. She is bouncy and happy and healthy right now and I finally got a few more hours of sewing under my belt... so all is well! :)


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