Do you Moo?


I know I've shared this picture before but I just wanted to pop in here and publicly thank the folks at Moo for featuring my cards on their most recent MoosLetter that went out yesterday (04/10/08). If you guys get the MoosLetter you may have seen this already. And if you don't you can always sign up to get news, promotions and inspirational photos... or just to see what other Moo-lovers are ding out there. But if you don't get it and don't want to sign up but just wanna take a quick gander at this issue, you can always click here to see the online version of it. :)

I just placed my next order for some more Moo cards that will showcase my Blüm Collection, so I cannot wait to get them. :)

Thanks, Moo!


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  3. Thank you for letting us use your photo - we're flattered you said yes :)

  4. I have moo cards and I LOVE THEM! I hope to swap with you at Market! Didn't know about the moosletter, gonna sign up right now.

    Can't wait to see you at Market!!

  5. PS... do'i, forgot to say...

    Congrats on being in the moosletter! Too cool!

  6. Thank you all for visiting!

    Denise... the pleasure is all mine!

    Monica... we'll definitely be swapping some Moos at Market! ;)

  7. Molly2:08 PM

    I Moo too Patty, just got another package in the mail yesterday. Couldn't get them open fast enough, aren't they fun??!!

    Very cool that yours were featured on their site!

  8. I Bull's moo??? hahaha

  9. Molly, thanks for visiting! Yup, they're a lot of fun. Can't wait to get my new batch! :)

    LOL, Em!!! Do they?!

  10. Yes ma'am! I love my Moo cards!! :)

  11. Ahhh you just moooved me to get some Moo's :)


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