That Darn Meme

I keep trying to dodge it, but it just keeps coming back... like Freddy! And to quote my dear friend Nic, "I've done the 7 Things Meme a jillion times before." But I will indulge you guys one more time only because I came up with a funny idea this morning. In a small group I belong to, we've been chatting about weird things we've eaten (or regularly eat, in some cases!) and so I thought... "OK, I could do that 7 random thing meme about my weird food tastes, since it seems to be so intriguing to most."

So here it goes... Oh, wait, I'm supposed to link to those who have tagged me. OK... let's see... I've been tagged by Toni, Melissa, Michelle and most recently by Clara (boy, after writing it all down like that I all of a sudden feel popular! HA!) And if I missed anyone... so sorry.

OK, so now here it goes... Seven things that I eat regularly -- or have eaten in the past -- that most Americans wouldn't touch with a 10-foot pole:

1. Liver, liver paté and liverwurst. I will take a liverwurst (Braunschwiger) sandwich over pretty much any other sandwich in the world. And I LOVE all sorts of patés... chicken liver, goose liver... even duck liver paté. Oh, and turkey gravy isn't good unless it has chunks of the turkey liver floating in it. YUM!

2. Tripe. If you don't know what it is, look it up. No, I don't go out of my way to eat tripe and it's certainly not my favorite texture, but I have eaten it several times as one of my favorite Vietnamese dishes contains tripe and I don't pick it out of my plate... just consume it with the rest. ;)

3. Octopus. It's much yummier than calamari, especially when sautéed in olive oil and lemon. My girls adore it too.

4. Raw Oysters. If they're on the menu, I get them! And they're an aphrodisiac too... wink, wink.

(I could insert all seafood, cooked or raw, that I love here but then this list would well surpass it's 7-item limit)

5. Condensed Milk. Nope, not as an ingredient in cakes and pies. I eat it straight out of the can... with a spoon... like others would eat ice cream or yogurt.

6. Escargot. Again, if you don't know what it is, look it up. And again, not my favorite, but I have been known to eat it several times before just for shock value. LOL!

7. Sardines. OK, I lied... I had to insert one more seafood item on this list because I just love them so much... especially when they come canned in tomato sauce and spices. I love to eat them with Export Sodas.

I swear this list could go on and on, but I will have mercy on you since I know most of you have already thrown up a little in your mouths. OH, and for those of you who are in my group or have had the "weird food" discussion with me before and are wondering why I didn't include "maggots" in this list, well... I didn't actually consume those maggots. They were in my mouth for a split second and I spit them out as soon as I realized it. So, if you guys hadn't vomited yet, that little tidbit of information outta do the trick. ;)

Oh, and I am NOT tagging anyone because I'm sure pretty much everyone in blogland has done this one once or twice or a jillion times like me. But, if you haven't been tagged by some strange reason and would like to do it, please consider yourself tagged! Oh, and please post a link to your Meme so I can check it out!! :)


  1. Sumthin wraawwwnngggg wichu girl!!! DANG. And you forgot the worst one!

  2. LMAO! I knew you'd be one of the grossed out ones!! So, what's "the worst one" you're referring to?? If you're referring to the maggots, I did mention them in the last paragraph. I didn't eat them so technically it's not something I've "eaten" ;)

  3. Patty, please, have mercy on us!!! This is probably the one thing that everyone else didn't get grossed out about...but sweetened condensed milk out of the can...I can barely type it without my stomach turning! As for the rest, I have actually ate a few of those things too. But Maggots! I don't even want to hear the story about that...but I feel like I will probably ask you when you are here and I have had a few drinks...LOL!

  4. I'm a sardine person myself, ha ha! The maggot mention (I can't even stand to say that word aloud)sounds awful, but gosh I'm curious as to how that could happen??!!!

    Thanks for playing along once again!!!

  5. Michelle... sweetened condensed milk is one of the most delicious things I've ever tasted and I must not be the only one who thinks so because Nestle now makes it in a squeeze bottle (looks like a Hershey syrup bottle) and it says on it that you can drizzle it on pancakes, ice cream, toast, fruit... or just about anything!

    Clara... the maggots thing was purely an accident. No I was not a contestant on Fear Factor! LOL! But I will keep you all in suspense until I get enough inquiries then I might be persuaded to divulge my story. ;)

  6. I am now curious about the sweetened condensed milk in a squeeze bottle now. :) I'll have to look for it hte next time I am at the store. Isn't it a little caramel-tasting? I can see that be yummo on icecream! I have an insane sweet tooth!

    I don't wanna know any more about the other mentioned foods. Not my kind of thing at dad loves chicken liver and I crinch every time I've seen him eat it. Ugh...but you can enjoy!

  7. I totally wrote that way too many spelling errors. Yikes!

  8. Ummm weren't you one of the ones who ate bull testicles?

  9. HAHA!! Nope. Seems like me though, eh? No, that was some of those farm-raised girls ... not me. But I'd try anything once. ;)

  10. EEEWWWWWW!!!!!!! Oh Patty I Do hope the Maggots were a total accident, the thought of something live crawling in my mouth(or yours for that matter) gives me the willies!!! I Love seafood- so not so weird, just not from a can :).

  11. I'm thinking some of that is just wrong! I am such a picky eater...and with the pregnancy aversions on top of stomach is churning just reading your post LOL!

    Take a bow Jenn

  12. Ewwwwwwwwuh! But totally funny that you posted about that. Me and the girls get into seriously nasty discussions that gross out most of the boys we are married to! lol.

  13. Amber... do try the condensed milk on the squeeze bottle! I found it at Walmart in the Hispanic foods section! It is super-yummy!

    Melissa & Jenn... sorry to gross you out, girls! And YES, the maggots incident was purely accidental. Here it goes: I was walking along one of Costa Rica's beautiful beaches that are lined by wild guava trees and I grabbed a guava off a hanging branch, took a bite and... well... you can fill in the blanks!

    Dena... thanks for visiting! How funny that you like to "gross out the guys" ... it's usually the other way around! LOVE IT!!

  14. Patty!!!!!
    You are such a fantastically fun person. I somehow cannot picture all those icky things like tripe and liver going into your petite little self but since I've seen you have to "go all Costa Rican" a time or two--then I can kinda see it-ROTF!!! OHHHHHHH-and I have to admit I love sweetened condensed milk too--yummy! Love ya, Eva

  15. EBAAA!

    I think that was the Puerto Rican side of me you saw. The Costa Ricans are a lot more "mellow type people". The Puerto Ricans are feisty, for lack of a better word, ;) LOL!

    Glad to find someone else in this world that likes condensed milk. I was beginning to feel lonely! ;)

  16. now that you have explained it, it doesn't seem that gross anymore...I mean still horrible, but when left to the imagination...

    I use sweetened condensed milk in a tres leches cake I make, but never bothered buying it for any other reason-I may have to try it!

  17. *gluupp*

    totally puking in my mouth.

    i still adore you though. =)

  18. Eeeew Patty, I just canNOT get over all this! YUCK!!! Although I'm sure it all tastes good, my queasy brain just won't let that ANY of that stuff anywhere near my mouth! Eeeewww.....

  19. LOL, Lovelyn & Amie! Sorry to make you all queasy & stuff. ;)

    Clara, I make my own tres leches too! and everyone who tries it says it's the BEST! That is my ultimate favorite dessert and if you've made it yourself then you know that the condensed milk is what gives it it's awesome flavor... so it by itself MUST be good, right!?!? LOL!

  20. Patters-
    Your "Puerto Rican" side I meant to say of course!!!!!!! DOH----on my cultural faux pas there my dear. ROTF! Whichever Rican side it was, I love it to pieces btw. You make me laugh so hard. And I am coming to Market so I can "SCARE" you. LMAO!

  21. Whatever Rican side? Oh she'll be Rican every which side if she eatin' that crap! I'm staying my distance lady....

  22. Hmmmm...maybe we should swap recipes, Patty!!!! Or, do a show me yours, LOL---or wait, would that be a tag of some sort??? Never mind---you're busy, LOL!!!!

  23. LMAO, Eva and Em! Yup! ;)

    Clara, oh I am NOT showing my Tres Leches recipe to anyone no matter how much they beg! This is a family secret recipe that has been passed down for several generations. I can't believe I am the sole keeper of it right now. No one else wanted it. I was like... gimmeeeeeee!!!!! ;)

  24. Angela10:44 AM

    LOVE IT! I eat all of those things too!! MMMMmmmmmm. When i saw the word maggot, I stopped reading, lol.


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