What a wonderful day this has been! Aside from getting to play with my new super fun toy (more on that later) and getting something in the mail from a certain fabric company that requires my signature (definitely more on that later!), I got word that my Etsy shop was featured on two different blogs today! WOOHOO!

Go check these out. First of all the creators at Eenie Meenie Picks picked my shop and said some super sweet things about it...

Secondly, the creator behind the Rio Oso Designs blog featured my shop on her Monday Minis, a wonderful feature she does every week in which she picks her favorite Etsy shops and shares their "mini" with her readers...

Thank you, ladies! I'm flattered!!


  1. fabulous features - way to go Patty!!!! of course I am not surprised as modkid totally rocks the house!!! An NO FAIR on all those casual little mentions - arrghhhhh i wanna know the scoop tee hee!

  2. Awww... thanks so much, Miss Cree! You know I adore your stuff! :) Oh, and I will be sharing "the scoop" very, very soon! :)

  3. Those were great features,Patty!!!!


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