Sophie's Locks of Love

Judging by the overwhelming outpour of comments on my last posting (*snort*) I gather that you guys prefer "perky Patty" over "pouty Patty," so I thought I'd share with you guys a little event that has brought so much joy into our lives.

My oldest daughter, Sophie, just aged about 10 years overnight. Not that I secretly long for my baby to grow up (because I really don't) but this decision was so mature on her part that it has left me in awe.

Sophie found out about Locks of Love (follow the link to read more about it if you are not familiar with their organization) and immediately declared that she wanted to "help the sick children" so off we went to our local Cookie Cutters to make her – and another lucky girl's – dreams come true. It just so happened that this week coincided with a fund raising event sponsored by Cookie Cutters and Dawn Bergeron Photography so we were able to document the whole process.

I couldn't be happier with the job my sweet and talented friend, Dawn, did with these pictures. They are just precious and will be such a special keepsake for us. Sophie's locks of love measured in at 24 inches (scalp to tip) so we decided to donate 12" of hair (you need a minimum of 10" to meet the requirements).

Sophie is beyond thrilled with her new "big girl do" and mama and daddy are incredibly proud or her "big decision".

Check out Dawn's blog for a recap of the event and lots more pictures. Thanks so much, Dawn!! We love the pictures!


  1. Patty that is so sweet! She is just beautiful and her personality shines through in her pictures. I bet she is just like you:)

    I don't dare cut Lily's hair yet. Maybe when she's 10!


  2. glad you're feeling better, sweetie. sophie looks gorgeous. :)

  3. Sophie's hair is gorgeous!!! She'll make someone so happy!! Way to go Sophie.

  4. Thanks for the sweet comments, Chelsea, Nic & Paula!

    Chelsea, my Sophie's personality couldn't be farther from mine! She is quiet, shy and reserved. Sydney, on the other hand, is loud, outgoing and a major ham... hmmm! ;)

  5. Geeta8:46 PM

    What an amazing daughter you have Patty! She looks just lovely!

  6. Kim McBirnie6:03 AM

    Hi Patty, it's half term hols here in the UK so I missed your last post and have read 2 together - I wanted to say that I can relate to your separation anxiety, even when it is our parents involved! My husband is from Liverpool which isn't too far from us on USA scales, a two hour drive- and as his parents are both teachers, our kids often go to them for a couple of weeks over the summer. You'd think we'd be out every night after work, catching up with missed films, eating out at grown up eateries - but no. Most often you can find us after work, moping around, walking in and out of their empty bedrooms - and me wondering what horrors are about to befall the pair of them. I hate and dread it! I think it may be a control issue..........
    Hope you are feeling better, remember to keep your vitamin C up to help iron absorbtion.
    Kim xx

  7. Geeta, thanks so much for stopping by and for your sweet comment!

    Kim, I gotta admit, it's always a little comforting to hear that other people go through the same things. My girls have never been away from me longer than 4 days so I think that's why I'm panicking a bit. I think I'll miss them way more than the'll miss us. ;) They'll be having a blast in FL... beaches, Disney, shopping, etc. Thanks for your great comment... oh and thanks for the Vitamin C advice. :)

  8. What a sweetheart! I bet she was so happy & proud to do such a great thing for another little girl! :) It is so nice to have a pictorial of it too.

  9. Big ((HUGS)) to Sophie!


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