I should've knocked on wood

I know this whole "self-haircut" thing is something that happens in most families at one point or another. I've seen so many pictures on other people's blogs and seen it first hand on my friends' and family's kids but I've always been happy & proud to proclaim that my kids have never done that. They've done this and this but never that.

Well, as my title says, I should've knocked on wood. ARGH!

She didn't do it to herself, Sophie did it to her. Don't ask me why. And apparently you can't ask her why either cause she doesn't know and gets very upset when you ask her. But what she does now is that she lost slumber party privileges and has to clean the playroom top to bottom for getting creative with her sister's hair.

As much as I was furious about this happening just days before leaving for vacation, I was more scared about the thought of my 6 year old putting a pair of Ginghers half an inch away from my 3 year old's eyes. EEEEEEEK! You'd better believe I am putting my sewing scissors way out of reach from now on. :(


  1. EEEK! The drama of self prclaimed hair dressers. ;)

    My 8yr old cut the crown of his hair. He didn't like how it stuck up. Not as bad as a bang butcher but funny little bald spot.

  2. Caty (sis)4:06 PM

    Hee, hee- I hear a new clothing line coming "madkid"

  3. LOL @ "madkid" *snort*

  4. Awww, Patty! It happens to all of us, lol! At least her's isn't that bad - do you remember when MY Sophie cut her hair!??!


    You told me this it was something I would laugh about later when showing her boyfriend. I believe you guys will laugh, too... someday ;) LOL!

  5. Oh no!!! Glad she is ok!! I guess a new style is now in the works huh? :)

    My daughter did a similar thing with the side of her hair about 6 months ago. Her very long hair became a shoulder length bob.

  6. Oh no!! She really did it, didn't she?? I'm glad you can see the humor in it!
    I whacked my hair when I was 4 and lost my chance to be a flower girl (we had the dress and everything). So I always told my girls that story and it think it scared any "self styling" ideas out of them.

  7. Thanks for the comments, girls! I've gotten over the initial shock of it already, thank goodness. We took her to Cookie Cutters to get her hair "fixed" ... well, there was not much they could do. They cut her bangs about 1" shorter than they were to try to even it out some and they did chop 5" off the back which was nice. I think she likes it. :)

    Angie... OMG, I DO remember your Sophie's "self-do"... that was crazy! I think I would have puked! LOL!!!

    I am guessing this is much more common than we thought, eh? (judging by everyone's comments here) ;)

  8. Awe, I would have freaked! I bet her hair looks cute with short bangs though...totally mod! ;)

  9. Anonymous12:22 PM

    Too funny! Both of my kids have done that. And I promise you will laugh about it later. Great picture, by the way. She looks proud. haha


  10. OH Patty...I want to laugh but won't ;) She looks as adorable as always and I think it could have been MUCH worse! It will grow back in no time :) Her picture cracks me up...she DOES look a bit proud doesn't she?!?! I think it is just a rite of passage for kids!!

    take a bow Jenn

  11. oh I have pictures of when this happened to me, except it was by a friend while we were getting ready to move. She "teaching" me how to cut hair with the sew scissors in the garage! I think she was 4 and I was 3. It was just my bangs, but it was pretty close to the scalp. I had bitty bangs for a while.

    I think it is common for girls to cut each other hair, especially young sisters. It happened to my friend recently and it was bad. Then her other daughter was making cookies with an older sibling and got her hair stuck in the beaters of the mixer! She lost a good chunk of hair from that! So it can always be worse...that is how I try to think about it. Your daughter is still adorable!

  12. Thanks for the comments, everyone. She definitely is proud and likes the extra attention.

    Jess, your story made me remember a time when I was a kid and stuck my sister's hair in the blades of an oscillating floor fan... eeek! We had to cut a big chunk off because it was impossible to untangle. It's a wonder why she still speaks to me! ;)


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