Monday Mumblings

It's Monday and guess what? I'm in a mumbling/rambling mood... who knew, eh? VACATION TIME IS FINALLY HERE!!! So, I don't even know how I am finding time to blog or blogsurf because I am crazy busy right now. We leave for St. Louis this afternoon, right after Jon gets home from work (around 5:30 pm or so) and I haven't even started packing. We are only going to be there a couple of days visiting Caty, Asja & Jason and then we head to FL for a week... YAY!

When we return next week, Jon and I will be kidless. And again I have mixed feelings about that. Sometimes I get excited thinking about all the projects that I will be able to complete without the endless interruptions, but then I find myself staring at the girls and getting teary eyed. The longest we've been apart from them is 4 days and now we are making a huge leap to 2 weeks! Will I survive? I know I will be hurting more than they will. They'll be going to the beach, the pool, the park, Disney, etc. Mami & Papi will spoil them rotten. I'll be cooped up at home cleaning, organizing, panting and working. Although I do plan to have some much-needed adult fun (maybe a girls' night out with my buddies and a few date nights with Jon?) :)

Anyway, that's what we're up to but other than that, I have officially started designing my next line of fabric and I am beyond thrilled! Yes, I know, I haven't even received my first strike-offs for Andalucia (although I hope to get them next week!) and I'm already working on my next one. LOL! It's a madness, I tell ya. I seriously cannot be happy unless I have a HUGE project hovering over my head. I tried relaxing the past couple of weeks. Going to the park. Sleeping. But I felt empty. Sad, even. As soon as I decided to start my new collection my mood improved and I felt healthier... I know it's all psychosomatic but hey, it sure beats moping around the house, and I'd say as far as vices are concerned this has got to be one of the healthiest. ;)

I am going completely out of my comfort zone for this line... trying some new things. I am always up for a challenge and this is definitely one. But I am still equally as excited about Andalucia and I even have some smaller side projects in the works to really showcase the designs and give you guys some options for owning coordinating pieces. I can't divulge much right now as it is still in the estimating part of the process but I think you will like them. I am leveraging my graphic designs skills and taking advantage of some special vendors I have gotten to know through the years while I worked as a Creative Director back in Orlando. Exciting stuff! :)

So, what's going on in the Cook It. Blog It! front? Oooooh, lots of yummy stuff, my dears! I perused the blogroll (20 & growing!) this morning and found a few new recipes to share.

Kristen has been making super yummy salads (picture on the left) with her produce delivery from her CSA share. I have to get into that CSA action! Just looking at those pictures of all her fresh veggies & herbs is making me salivate. Check her out!!

ChezMish has been at it again with her awesome Asian recipes. This time she shares with us her mixed tempura dish using seafood and veggies. YUM!

Amii made some hot potatoes on the grill. Her pictures rock! Check her out.

And last, but certainly not least, is this awesome "Cupcakes for Dinner" idea from Andre'a. This one is a definite MUST for me. So creative and fun... and whatever will make the kids actually eat, I'm game for! Thanks for sharing with us, Andre'a!

You girls have been busy out there! And I'll bet your families are lovin' ya! I hope to share a couple simple things of my own on Wednesday before we head down to FL, but only if time permits.

Have a great week, everyone!!!

PS... thanks so much for all the comforting comments regarding Sydney's new do. It's so crazy to see how common this occurrence is! WHOA! We took her to Cookie Cutters and they sorta fixed her up but not really. They were scared to cut off her bangs as short as the shortest ones cause it would have been like 1/2" from her scalp so they just cut the rest about 1" shorter than they were so it will catch up faster... she still looks pretty crazy but not as bad. LOL!

They also cut 5 inches off the back... WHOA! I do like the new length much better and I think she does too. I'll share new pics soon!


  1. Yeah! I can hardly wait to get my hands on your fabric!

    Oh and check out my blog today, I made a Blueberry and Blackberry Galette with a Cornmeal Crust! Yum!!

  2. I'm so excited for your line. It is taking me some time to get used to the designing on the Wacom, so maybe I'll be where your at in another year. The cooking blog looks great. I need to contribute!

    We are going to St. Louis too! We leave on Saturday.

  3. Sounds so exciting!!!!And I love Syd's unusual fringe new look;)...very cool!!!
    Thanks so much for sharing my recipe on your blog,too!!!! I've took the pics last week og doing Lasagna with asparagus, will need some time to do the description though;)
    We are preparing for our holidays in Greece at the end of July, can't wait!!!

  4. Thanks for the comments, ladies!

    Amii... I checked out your berry galette on my iPhone while traveling and I was literally drooling! Soooo delicious looking! Thanks for sharing.

    Jess... you will get used to the Wacom in no time. I used to work with one years & years ago and going back to it was like second nature to me. Now, I don't even have a mouse attached to my computer. I do everything with my stylus. :)

    Katarina... you are very welcome! I can't wait to see this awesome lasagna you speak of. :)


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