Monday Mumblings

I didn't think this would be a regular feature on my blog, but it seems like every Monday I am in a rambling/mumbling mode, so let's see how long we can keep this going. And, yes, I know the word 'ramblings' would be more appropriate, but since I have a silly obsession with alliteration, I am keeping it as Monday Mumblings. ;)

First off, I'd like to thank all of you who commented on my new blog look. I think I'm pretty much done with the makeover now. I needed a new face for the Summer... something more cheery, bright & fun. :) Hope it brightens your day.

Secondly, I finally got around to picking the winner of the MODKID 2nd Anniversary Contest. Thank you so much to all who commented and told me of your Summer plans. I had a blast reading through all your comments... and thanks also for all the great wishes. You all are so sweet! So, since I haven't reached my 100th sale on Etsy yet (although it's only 3 purchases away) I've decided to draw 2 winners here on my blog. So here it goes...

I used the trusty old randomizer to draw numbers for me and the first number it drew was...

Comment #39, Jess, who said:

Happy Aniversay & Congrats on your new line with MMF. I can't wait to see it in the fall!

The second number it drew was:

Comment #2, Annie, who said:

Congratulations on your anniversary! I'll be checking out your store shortly. I plan to spend a quiet Summer at home with the kids... if you can call that quiet! hahaha

CONGRATULATIONS, Jess and Annie! Please email me at at your earliest convienience to claim your prize. Please include your mailing address and your choice of prize: a MODKID item or a sewing/crafting care package. Oh, and please keep in mind that I am leaving on vacation in 10 days, so if I don't hear from you before then, it will have to wait until I return from Florida. :)

OK... more ramblings...

So, what have I been occupying my time with these past couple of weeks?? Gymnastics Camp. It's loads of fun and I know I mentioned before that I was gonna be sketching for my new line of fabric during the 3 hours I have to sit on the bleachers and wait, but that's not working out as well as I planned it.

First of all, how can I bury my face into a sketchbook while I have all this excitement right in front of me? This is truly captivating! Secondly, the girls are not in the same class. Sydney goes from 9:30 am to 10:30 am and Sophie goes from 10:45 am to noon. So I have 1 child with me at all times nagging me about being bored, tired, sleepy, hungry, etc. the whole time. And yes, I do come prepared with plenty of snacks and entertainment (books, music, movies) but somehow it's never enough. I'd be satisfied just sitting there watching my girls tumble. Oh well.

Here's a few more pics... sorry about the crappy picture quality. The lighting in there is terrible and I guess I should start bringing in my regular camera instead of always relying on my iPhone...

Inserting a quick ramble right here...

I mentioned a few weeks back that I was going to get some bloodwork done to determine if I had iron deficiency or a thyroid hormone imbalance because I was feeling so fatigued all the time and was experiencing a few other symptoms of those conditions. Well, I am happy to report that my bloodwork came back totally normal. They also checked all the usual stuff... blood pressure, cholesterol, etc. and I am in perfect health (on paper at least). So as of now we are assuming that my tiredness was either due to prolonged lack of sleep or old age... or I guess maybe both! ;)

Ramble, ramble, ramble...

I was delighted the other day when one of my blog readers emailed to tell me that she tried out my ceviche recipe and loved it... and blogged about it! WHOA! You have no idea how much I was smiling when I read that! Thanks for making my day, Amy! I am just giddy to know that I actually wrote a recipe that works (for other people)! WOOHOO! Oh, and she has beautiful pictures of her ceviche too! Go check out Amy's blog... it's a fun read to boot!

Hmmmm... more ramblings...

After the warm reception of my ceviche recipe I have been thinking of starting a Blog Cooking Club. But first I wanted to see if you all would be interested in something like that.

The rules would be very simple:
  1. make something
  2. take pictures
  3. tell us how you made it
Maybe we could call it: Cook It. Blog It. or something simple like that. Ya know I'm all about simplicity. So what do you think? Would you be into that? Would you participate? I am thinking we could blog once a week and I could have a link right here to a page I would create on my website that would include links to all the blogs that are participating in this. Don't have all the details ironed out yet... just came to me a few minutes ago. If there is already a club like this that I am not aware of, please let me know... there's no need for duplication! :)

OK, I think that's enough mumbling for today. Have a great week, you guys!


  1. Anonymous10:35 AM

    YAY! I can't believe my luck! I am a new reader and totally addicted to your blog. I love it all. I am off to email you. Oh, and the Blog Cooking Club sounds like so much fun! If I had a blog I would join in an instant but for now I'll just have fun looking at all your recipes and beautiful photos. :) Thanks again!!!


  2. I cook a lot Patty! If you do this I will try to participate!
    I love to try new recipes & share my favorites!


  3. I love your "Cook It! Blog it!" idea!! You know I will participate in that!! :)

    Glad to hear you are having a fun summer!!
    xo, Ash

  4. Annie, congrats, again! :)

    Renee and Ash... thanks for your interest in the Cooking Club. I have received a couple of other responses via email so I will wait a tad longer to see if anyone else expresses an interest in it. :) This should be fun! :)


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