HUGE Marimekko Sale!

As I was in the car traveling down to St. Louis I received an email from the folks at Always Mod, the Marimekko Blog, giving me a sneak peek of a HUGE sale on all Marimekko goods. OMG! Soooo awesome! What a great way to kill 3 hrs. of road travel... perusing through their awesome SALE! They asked me if I could share with my blog readers and I wish I could have done that right then & there, but as I said, I was in the car, reading email on my iPhone (whatever did I do before it?). And our short trip was so packed with activities that I just didn't have the time to blog (plus, it's really hard to blog on my iPhone and since my Mac is not portable and I hate using Jon's laptop, I decided to wait till I got home.) Sorry.

But do check out their sale! Here are the details:
  • Our biggest Marimekko sale ever
  • Almost all Marimekko items we have are on sale (over 900 products, including over 200 fabrics)
  • July 1st- July 15th or while supplies last
  • 20-40% off
I could seriously go broke on that site! I already spotted some towels & kitchenware I absolutely must have. Eeeeek!

OK, on to some other stuff... I just returned from St. Louis and OMG I have so much to share! We leave for FL tomorrow morning and I have to pack and get everything ready but I seriously could do about 10 blog posts today! How can I extend the hours of this day??? Jon told me to just upload all my pictures into my Flickr account and blog while I am in FL. I might do that... we'll see. But I hope to at least do 1 more posting before I leave. If time permits.

Off to do some last -minute laundry, pack and try to squeeze in a pedicure. Hope to see you again tonight (or maybe very early tomorrow morning!) you know i never sleep...


  1. Neeeeeed more $$ now! lol Thanks for sharing the awesome sale - I wish I could buy so many things! Have a good, safe trip to FL! :)

  2. Anonymous12:41 AM

    WOW! Every time i come here i learn something new and exciting. Thank you, Patty! Now off to shop. :)


  3. mommy daughter pedicures are the BEST!! Have fun on your vacation!


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