Greetings, my mod friends! Remember my "little side project" I've been hinting about for a couple of weeks? Well, this is it! It's not so little after all and it was a lot more time-consuming than I anticipated, but I am so excited to finally unveil my new division of MODKID, LLC... MODGREETINGS.


Andalucia is now available as a set of 10 beautiful greeting cards. Enjoy the rich palettes and deep textures of this collection inspired by the beauty and splendor of the South of Spain. Greeting cards are printed on 30% post-consumer recycled paper and are blank inside. Matching color envelopes with stylish European inspired pointed flaps are included with each card. Cards can be purchased individually or in sets of 3 or 10 and they come inside resealable cellophane sleeves for their protection.


I created MODGREETINGS to showcase my designs in a different medium that everyone can enjoy even if they don't sew or partake in crafty projects. ;)

I have a new website that showcases the designs, and my goal is to be able to sell these straight off the site eventually, but if you'd like to purchase these right now, head on over to my new Etsy shop where all 10 designs are available for immediate purchase in limited quantities. And just a few minutes after I set up my shop, I received a convo from a fellow Etsy member letting me know that my "Happy Birthday" card had been chosen for her Treasury... WOW! That was fast! I'm so flattered. Check out this awesome Treasury featuring items from the "undiscovered" section on Etsy.


And if you live in the Central Illinois area and would like to check these out in person, my entire greeting cards collection is available for purchase at:

bug-a-boo baby, inc.
112 Boeykens Place
Suite 1B
Normal, IL 61761

And, of course I have not forgotten about my little contest & giveaway. Thank you all for participating. You guys have given me tons of new ideas for future projects and even though that was not the original intent for this contest I am so glad I did it! ;) I've perused your guesses from the comments on this post and this post and even though no one actually guessed "greeting cards," two people came pretty darn close to the real thing.

First of all, Kristen guessed "notecards" and a little later on ArtsieGirl said "stationery" so since I am feeling pretty happy and generous on this beautiful Monday morning I will reward the two of you for coming pretty darn close on your guesses. Ladies, email me at to claim your prize! Congrats!!!

So, that's it! I love it when a big project comes to fruition... such a great sense of accomplishment. I'd love to hear what you think of modgreetings and if you are encountering any problems with the website or the etsy store (even something as minor as a typo) please let me know! I was working on these in the wee hours of the morning. :)


Oh, and I will have these cards with me at Fall Quilt Market available for wholesale purchase, in case any of you store owners want to offer these to your customers. I only printed a small amount this time just to see if there was any interest in them, but if they do well, I'll be doing a much larger print run next time... keeping my fingers & toes crossed! ;)


  1. oh my gosh patty, do you ever stop your creativity? I just LOVE them! :) What a great idea, I sooo need some of these!

  2. Eva Taylor/freshandvintage2:56 PM

    These are gorgeous! I knew you'd HAVE to do something within the PRINT WORLD considering all of your know-how and Jon's smarts as well. WTG sweetie-you amaze me! Love ya, Eva

  3. Anonymous2:58 PM

    OMG! How cool! I was hoping it would be something like this, even though I didn't win the contest... again! LOL! I'm off to get some before they're all gone! WOOOHOOO!


  4. Jeana3:20 PM

    Could you be anymore talented? I am so happy for you, you have worked very hard and the cards are just beautiful!!!I love the richness of the textures and the simplicity of the wording! LOVE THEM!!! Keep creating I love what you do!


  5. Myrinda3:26 PM

    oooh adorable!!!
    I want the for FH for sure!!!

  6. Patty, they are beautiful as are the peeks at your fabric strik offs. You are amazing:)

  7. Thank you all for your super sweet comment. So glad you love them... sooo flattered!

  8. good heavens you only sleep two hours a night or something? How do you have time for all this CREATIVITY and FABULOUSNESS???? ;) What a perfect idea...they look wonderful...I'll have to go buy some!

  9. These are GORGEOUS Patty!!! Congratulations- you must be feeling so elated with all the good things going on in your life. All your hard work will pay off I'm sure!

  10. Anonymous8:51 PM

    these are just precious!

    Gig Harbor florist

  11. Amazing! Those cards are so beautiful! I think scrapbook paper should be in your next paper venture! :)

  12. These are beautiful, Patty. Love your work. Like Natalee said, do you ever sleep? I'll pass the word along.

  13. Oh goodness they are gorgeous! I hearted your Etsy shop and will go shopping soon.

    Congrats to the give away winners!

  14. What an absolutely brilliant idea!!!!!! FAB FAB FAB
    Rock on Patty!

  15. Oh Patty, this is such a great idea!!!! I just love them!!!!


  16. One word Patty...WOWZA!!!!!!!!! Girl, I have already ordered some & can't wait to see them in person, they are GORGEOUS!!! Congrats on these wonderful new ventures!!!!



  17. Just got back from my hol so thought I'd catch up with blogland - wow - your notecards are gorgeous! May have to head over to etsy and have a post holiday treat.......

  18. Such a wonderful idea!!

    I'm still amazed with the colors in your fabric!!


  19. I totally love it! What a great way to make your designs get their use & value from them?!


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