The girls are back from Florida, safe and sound in my arms. Two weeks was too long but oddly necessary for me to accomplish all that I accomplished. I was able to proof my strike-offs without any interruptions, work on Etsy orders, send & receive care packages, work on my little side project (which will be unveiled next week!) and even have some much needed grown-up fun in between. All of those things would have been virtually impossible with the kids around, but nevertheless, as the days passed I started longing for the smell of their hair, and the sound of their pitter-patter and the feel of their soft bellies.

But alas, they're here and we had such fun today getting silly with the camera.




We surprised them with a new desk from IKEA for each of their bedrooms. Sophie's desk displays her collection of Disney snowglobes and a few other favorite knick-knacks. And of course, some books, sketch pads and a new journal for her to jot down all those big thoughts in that silly head of hers.


Sydney's desk holds her favorite stuffies, small toys and books. These will also serve as homework and reading stations this coming year. Not to mention adding some much needed storage space and a pop of color to their rooms. :)


Then we got even sillier...



Such fun.

I've also had such a great time today reading through all your sweet comments regarding my Andalucia debut. I am thrilled that you all like it as much as I do! I just cannot wait to see what you guys make with it. As soon as the fabric is out in stores, I will open a Flickr group so you guys can share your Andalucia goodies. :)

And while I am in the topic of blogging, I'd like to express my sincere gratitude to a few bloggers who have taken time out of their busy schedules to blog about Andalucia. You all have touched me deeply and I cannot thank you enough. Please take a moment to visit these wonderful blogs:

Bug A Boo Baby
By Dana

Fabric Hound
by Myrinda

The Domestic Diva
by Lisa

(adding to the list...)

J. Caroline Creative Blog
by Caroline

True Up
by Kim

Vintage Chic
by Chelsea

Thanks again, girls!! And if I've missed anyone, please post a link here in the comments. I'd love to take a peek and mention you here. I've been looking around blogland a bit, but now that the kids are here I will have a lot less free time. ;)

I will leave you now with a few pictures I took of the house before the kids came back. It will probably never look this clean again, LOL! But I don't care... my babies are back! :)






  1. bliss....appropriate title for your post - I can imagine how happy you were to have the girls home again , I LOVE the silly pics ;)

    the desks are pretty cool too esp with their names framed in the andalucia prints!

  2. There isn't a greater joy that I can think see children that are LOVED. Love tanks on your two girls are filled to the brim.

    Your house is beautiful. Such a good mom, you creative goddess!

  3. Anonymous8:16 AM

    So glad you have your girlies back with you. That must have been hard to do.

    The pictures of your house interiors are STUNNING! I can see how your house decor is a reflection of your style, just like with your fabrics. They look like they came out of a magazine!


  4. LOVE Andalucia! Love your pictures and your creations! I am a huge fan!

  5. Your house looks great. I have been cleaning all daughter has her best friend coming to stay the night, my husband laughed and said it was crazy to clean b/c they would destroy it...LOL
    Have a great day

  6. I am jealous of your kitchen, mine is way too small! I love the colors of the new fabric, and looking forward to seeing the whole line.

    I had to go on a business trip to NYC for a week and my hubby took my 2 boys to FLA for that time and when I saw them at the airport I just cried. I can take a few days but 2 weeks wow, I would probably cry again!
    However I could use the same with getting stuff done w/o interruptions too!

  7. Thanks for the super sweet comments, ladies. Yes, these 2 weeks were hard for me. I'll admit I choked up and got teary-eyed more than a few times (especially while talking to them or seeing their faces on the webcam)

    But they had a blast in FL with their grandparents and it afforded me the time to work on some very important projects, so I don't regret doing it.

    Kristen, you are so observant about their new Andalucia prints! I thought about mentioning it but it just seemed unimportant in comparison. That was a last-minute addition to their room decor but the colors match so well and they look so cool! Thanks for noticing. :)

    Paula, I'm flattered that you like my house decor... means a lot to me coming from you "Mz. Interior Designer Extraordinaire" :)

  8. I love your fabric pics...can't wait to get my hands on it. I'm totally inspired right now by all the saturated colors that I'm seeing, particularly in your new line!

    Glad your babies are home!!

  9. You have such colorful and crisp photos. It's always a pleasure to pop and browse your sie.

    The girls' rooms are beautiful too, as is the rest of your lovely home.

  10. I love it when I can get stuff done like that. It feels good:)

    Your house is beautiful! I love the way you decorate - it totally fits your style.

    Andalucia is incredible and I'm dying to get my hands on some! I just posted about you on my blog.


  11. patty, i know i've said this before, but you have such a cool house! and, of course, a pair of beautiful girls.

    remember how we thought we'd have all this extra time this summer to get together? ahahahaha...

  12. OMG! Your house is stunning!!! I felt as though I was thumbing through a Sunset magazine. Even the way you decorated the Ikea cabinet looks like a showcase. You have so much talent! Your girls are beautiful, too. Loved browsing your site!

  13. congrats on the new fabric line (can't wait to get some to see in person!)

    I bet you missed those sweet silly girls like crazy!!! Give them lots of extra snuggles! LOVE their funky new desks!!!

    take a bow Jenn

  14. OH My! I love your new line of beauties!!
    Glad your girlies are back safe 'n sound!

  15. Super cool decor- and I love those desks. Is that a yellow chair I spy? My second daughter wants an all yellow room when we move- yellow accents are more my speed. :)


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