Favor Box Tutorial

As promised, here are the step-by-step instructions to creating this sweet favor box, perfect for a bridal shower, baby shower, birthday party or many other occasions. Over to the left sidebar you can download the template with Jester motif or a blank one that you can print onto your own patterned or colored paper. (Note: the pictures below show the boxes with a personalized message. Your template will come without it but you can easily add your own if you have any Image Editing software at hand). Let's get started.

You will need:
  • 8.5" x 11" Card Stock
  • Ruler
  • Self-healing mat
  • Scissors
  • X-Acto Knife
  • Craft Glue OR Double Stick tape
  • Hole Punch
  • Bone Folder (not pictured)
  • 1/4" Thick Ribbon
  • Plastic or Glass beads (optional)

Download your template, open with Acrobat Reader (or any other software that can view PDFs) and print onto heavy card stock (the boxes won't be sturdy enough on copier-weight paper)

Cut out the template on the solid lines. After cutting a dozen or so of these, I found it was easier to use my X-Acto knife on the straight edges and corners and use the scissors on the rounded parts but you guys do what feels more comfortable to you.

Use a bone folder to fold your flat boxes on the dashed lines. You get a very crisp edge with a bone folder. But if you do not have one, you can use the edge of a wooden ruler or even a wooden spatula for this purpose.

Apply craft glue (I like using E6000, but if you prefer you can use permanent double sided tape) to the 4 flaps marked as "GLUE FLAP" and build your boxes. Punch a small hole in the marked areas on the rounded tops.

If you want to cover some Hershey miniatures to put in the boxes, like I did, print a sleeve sized at 1.5" wide x 3" long and apply to the chocolates using a small piece of double stick tape. You can use regular copier-weight paper for these. And there is no need to remove the original candy wrapper... just apply the sleeve right on top of the wrapper.

Voila! Personalized sweets:

Line each box with a half sheet of tissue paper and fill with about 7 - 8 chocolates. Cut a piece of 1/4" wide ribbon at approximately 18" long and feed through each punched hole at the top. Tie into a pretty bow.

For an extra special touch, add colored beads and tie the ends of the ribbon into a knot to secure the bead in place.


(and, please let me know if you have any problems downloading the PDF on the sidebar)


  1. Thanks for sharing!! My daughter has a birthday coming up so I might just have to try these instead of goody bags...

  2. Anonymous5:26 PM

    Oooh, I've been waiting impatiently for this. I'm so excited! I wanted to use these for a baby shower I have to plan soon. THANK YOU!


  3. Anonymous12:57 AM

    Oh, they're just gorgeous, Patty! :) I love the Jester pattern and colour and the boxes look so sweet all dolled up. Thanks for posting this.

  4. Thank you, ladies! So glad you liked it. I forgot to mention that if you need a bigger box, like to use as a b-day party goody bag, you can always enlarge the template and print it onto tabloid-size cardstock. :)

    If you guys make these, please share some pics with me... I'd love to see!

  5. Hi Patti! I'm so excited about this box pattern...I already know what I will use it for!

    Anyhow, I love your fabric and the greeting cards, can't wait to see what else you will come up with!

  6. Argh! Sorry about spelling your name wrong...I, of all people, should pay more attention to that.

    Sorry Patty!

  7. Becky5:04 PM

    Thanks for posting this! My daughter's birthday is next week. I may have to make some of these.

  8. you rock on so many levels it's not even funny. first you're ingenious. then you're generous enough to share your patterns. i could just kiss you.


  9. Anonymous11:26 AM

    Love it! Thanks for a great tutorial!

    With friendship,

  10. Thanks so much, Amii, Becky, Nic & Lisa!!! You girls are too kind! :)

  11. Those are too cool!


  12. I'm so excited to try these out. For some reason the jester print isn't showing up on the template. Both of them download blank for me. Is it just me? Thanks Patty!

  13. Hey Jess! Hmmm... i dunno what to tell ya. I just clicked on the jester template and the right one downloaded right to my desktop. Could it be that your machine has the "blank" one cached or something... UGH! I don't know anything about these technical issues (I might not even be using the right word).

    Everyone else, please let me know if you are having this issue and I'll have Jon take a look. :)

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. Hey Patty! Long time no talk. I absolutely love these favor boxes. I'm getting married in about a year and a half. Do you think that these would be appropriate for a wedding? Because I'm a crafty girl, I will be trying to do a DIY wedding and these are super cute! I love them. How do I add a different pattern to the blank template?? Thanks so much for this super cute idea, I love it. If nothing else I can use them for my bridal shower.

  16. Thanks for the nice tutorial!

    I tried downloading both patterns, and wanted to let you know that the link for the blank template is incorrect. The link is for a file that ends with -blank.pdf and it should be -Blank.pdf. (When I typed the address in with the capital b, it downloaded the file immediately.)

    Also, when I tried to open the jester print I got an error that the file was corrupted. I tried re-downloading the file and got the same error. Not sure if that is my computer or not.

    I just came across your blog this evening, and am loving it! Thanks for all of the time you put into it.

  17. Forgot to mention that the problem with the link was only for the link within this post. The link on your sidebar is working fine.

  18. Love your blog, designs and ideas!

    Wanted to tell you that I used the chocolate wrappers tip for a baby shower today and it was a big hit. Very nice of you to share your ideas! Thank you!


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