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First, I wanted to thank you all again for the overflowing support on my ModGreetings venture. It was just a test at first to see if there was interest, but I am so glad to see it has been so well received. And thanks to some much-appreciated press courtesy of Daria at Boutique Cafe and Bowie at Print & Pattern, I have gotten a much wider exposure than I had ever imagined and it has opened new possibilities for related projects in the near future. (I feel so "connected," heeehehe)

But what brings me to this posting tonight is that several people have contacted me wondering if they can purchase the greeting cards directly through me because they do not have an Etsy account. So, I wanted to come here and mention this as an option to any of you who do not want to bother with opening an Etsy account. If you are interested in purchasing some cards (or anything else for that matter) "off-Etsy" just shoot me an email with your complete order at I will email you a invoice through Paypal and ship your package immediately after payment receipt. Since the transaction is done through Paypal we have buyer/seller protection, plus since all packages are sent with delivery confirmation, we are able to track their whereabouts at all times. Cool eh? The only thing that is different is that you cannot leave feedback for me, but that is OK... just email me. I'd love to hear from ya! ;)

Same thing goes for wholesale inquiries.

Soon, you guys should be able to order directly through the website. That has been in the works for a long, long time. But these things take time (or so Jon keeps telling me). I hope to have everything ready by October, before Quilt Market. And there should be a lot more fun goodies over there to choose from. :)

And while I'm here, I wanted to update you on the I don't wanna be a naked bridesmaid challenge. I slacked off a bit on the diet/work-out last week and when I stepped on the scale this morning I was shocked to find out that I had only shed 1 pound. I got my game face on immediately! Grabbed the kids, put on some work-out clothes and headed out to tour the top 3 health clubs in our town. I found one I really liked, signed up, dropped the kids off at their play area and proceeded to do a full work-out routine. I am on a mission right now. I had a light dinner consisting of a salad with a sprinkling of crab meat on top and I feel good... achy & sweaty, but good. I sweated a lot more than I was comfortable with, but what is it that they say... no sweat no gain? or is it no pain no gain? Well, regardless, I will fit into that dress!

P.S. The Favor Box Tutorial will be posted tomorrow. Stay tuned!


  1. Good job on getting out to the gym! Offering sales off-etsy is great, I just wish more people would take the time to sign up for etsy though. It's a great site with loads of wonderful things... I have so many friends, family, and customers/clients who prefer to do business off-etsy just because they don't know how it works and don't have an account. :-( Keep up the momentum and you'll do great with your weight loss! Have you ever heard of Fantastic site!

  2. Here's a great weight loss tip...DO NOT PUT ANY FOOD IN YOUR MOUTH AFTER 7:00 p.m....6:30 is even better. It makes a huge difference for me and all the diet gurus agree!

  3. Amanda, I'm with ya on etsy. Totally LOVE it!!! And wish more people knew about it. I haven't heard of sparkpeople... i'll look it up later one.

    Bess, great tip! I normally try to do that anyway. My family eats dinner around 6 - 6:30 every night and I try my darndest to not have any "snacks" after dinner time.

    I'm gettin' there, gettin' there! :)

    Thanks for the comments, girls!

  4. Anonymous3:34 PM

    Anonymous here again...or a.k.a. Diet and Fitness Guru ;) (I'm not really - but I have paid fitness trainers to give me the following advice for my life. Whether or not I stick to it all the time is an ENTIRELY different conversation) ;)

    Since you are focused and really need results in a short amount of time here is what my fitness trainer suggests:

    Change up your workout routine frequently - try something new each time. If you do the same routine every day your body actually gets used to it, adjusts, and then you don't get results as fast.

    Don't solely concentrate on cardio. Be sure to do some light weight lifting in your target areas -- this includes crunches. The combination of weight lifting and cardio in your workout routine will be most effective. The weight lifting will build muscle, and muscle burns up fat - even when you're not working out! YAY!!! By only concentrating on cardio you will actually have slower results.

    Do the weight lifting first. Don't over do it - just get those muscles stretched and fatigued a little bit.(Over doing the weight lifting bulks you up -- like a body-builder - don't want that!) Start with lighter weights - and do 3 sets of 10 lifts. You'd be surprised at how low of weight you'll start with -- that is fine -- you just need a little weight. It's the 3 sets of 10 that make the difference. If you can't do all the reps then you know you need to go down in weight. When it gets too easy in the following days then go up a level in weight.
    Then when you are done with weights be sure to stretch - all over - including your arms/neck area. This will ensure your muscles are ready for cardio. And then walk and sweat those buns off! ;)

    By combining that workout routine, drinking lots of water, and eating small, frequent meals you will be surprised at the results.

    By the way, the small/frequent meals (fits on a small salad plate) every three hours are important because over time you shrink your stomach - BUT at the same time you are keeping your metabolism up -- which burns fat more quickly AND keeps you happy because you aren't having energy/blood sugar crashes. Constant energy is a good thing - especially for your company and kiddos!

    Oh, and I just read the comments about not eating after 7pm. I think that depends on how you are eating and how much you are working out. If you don't exercise much and/or eat 3 larger meals a day (typical habits) then yes, you shouldn't eat after 7pm.
    BUT if you are working out every day like a wild woman ;) and you are eating small meals/snacks every 3 hours then it is okay if you eat after 7pm. Remember, if you are working out then you are burning waaaaay more calories. In this case it's better that you DO eat before you go to bed. You just don't want your blood sugar to crash -- causes you to feel bad (irritated and jittery) and it will make your metabolism slow down because it's a safety response (it thinks you are starving so it slows down). Slow metabolism bad -- fast metabolism GOOD! If you don't eat before bed then you'll wake up in the middle of the night STARVING - makes for a looooong night or worse -- attacking the frig with great vengence! Your kitchen will look like a wild bear broke in and attacked your fridge. Not pretty. Again, I know this from personal experience! :)
    My fitness trainer recommends a bed time snack of a little bit of fruit (fits in the palm of your hand) along with a little bit of protein, like lowfat cheese, nuts (unsalted), or natural peanut butter (try Skippy's version -- very tasty and not greasy like the other natural brands). By the way, this bed time snack is endorsed by the diabetic diets - and they know what they are talking about when it comes to blood sugar.

    I know, all this sounds so crazy, but it's really not too compicated. To boil it down -- keep moving, drink plenty of water, and don't eat huge meals. BELIEVE ME, I know first hand if you are diligent you will get results. And keep in mind that you only have to go hard core until the wedding -- after that you can back off a bit and adjust to what is comfortable for you.


  5. WOW, anonymous! That was a wealth of information! THANK YOU!!!


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