The Visit
Part 3 of our 3-Day Weekend in St. Louis

After recovering from our numerous weekend festivities, on Sunday afternoon we headed off to the home of fellow Michael Miller designer, Laura Gunn. Laura was such a doll! We hit it off immediately. We spent a couple hours in her beautiful home, with her lovely family, eating yummy homemade desserts.

I got to take a peek at her new fabric collection, Lantern Bloom, which will be debuting this Fall as well. It is just as gorgeous as her paintings which decorate every inch of her home. We chatted about school, kids, travel, work and even computer games (yes, our husbands were there too!)

For all you Cook It. Blog It! fanatics out there, check out Laura's latest blog posting, where she has shared her recipe for the scrumptious, finger-lickin' good Peach Crisp she served us during our visit (I stole the below picture from her blog... just looking at it makes me drool!)

Thanks for everything, Laura! Can't wait to catch up again at Quilt Market.


  1. laura gunn6:34 PM

    Ha! That's me. I forgot to tell you that Lily discovered your blog (Linking form mine) and fell in love with your music. Now, whenever she wants to hear some tunes, she heads to your blog. In fact, that's how I discovered my picture up. Weird how I look like I have long hair:)

  2. WHEW! So glad to hear someone else likes my music. haha. I've been considering taking it off my blog or maybe just taking the "auto start" off. Maybe I'll just do that.

    Yep, you do look like you have long hair. That was my fault... I mistakenly had my ISO speed set at 3200 from the previous night when we were taking pics at the fountain so that's why all the pics came out so dark & grainy, ARGH!


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